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  1. I didn't. You were the one letting me know that if I liked his reviews, I was either a friend or just kissing his ass. You're free to like or dislike what he writes; but guess what? So am I. Good bye, behind-the-screen warrior.
  2. I wonder what I didn't get. I said I appreciated his reviews. You first accused me of being related to him, then now of kissing his ass. And I'm supposed not to get offended.
  3. Aaah, I get it now. You don't like HPA and/or his reviews, so you accuse anyone who appreciates them to be related to the man. And a venomous insinuation such as the one I'm quoting certainly benefits this community much more than HPA's reviews, too.
  4. Many words, no. HPA, yes. If by this you mean "the universe of people who have the opportunity of trying out what they will buy," then yes, I agree, my remark doesn't make much sense. This said, custom IEMs, by their very nature, cannot really be tried, universal demo versions notwithstanding. My post was about custom IEMs, answering another post about custom IEMs, so in that light, I do think my remark makes sense.
  5. And your point is? Of course one can buy anything without reading first other people's feedback; but when I buy something I cannot try, especially something expensive, I am grateful for detailed reviews.
  6. His reviews are the best available. I really wish the big players sent him review samples, instead of sending them to editors who, very often, just drop five short paragraphs about it on their website. Above all when four paragraphs out of five just tell people what a custom IEM is, and the last one how great the one they were sent is (without comparing it to any other).
  7. Traveling can be just as expensive as buying a pair of high-end custom monitors -- or more, for those who, like me, don't even live in the States. I also have my eyes (but not my ears, alas) on the ES5 and the IERM. At least, HeadphoneAddict will be able to compare the ES5 and the JH13, though we already know his favorite. Aside from the sound, I'm also curious as to the difference in comfort and isolation between soft silicone and Westone's clever vinyl tips.
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