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  1. Cool info - but no firewire on a MacBook Air (my big remote control). So no Apogee as a contender... I
  2. Just saw the head-fi thread about NOS DACs - interesting. Hey - when there
  3. Sounded wonderful warm & vinyl-like when auditioned - listened with a NOS-DAC CD-player as source (got the info today after calling him up). OTL with my Grados? Rather an impulse buy than a choice made out of reason... Now I
  4. Hi, Newbie at head-case - please enlighten me with your wisdom! I
  5. Your very welcome, Hope life is treating you well Sincere Regards

  6. Thanks a lot - a friend mentioned this forum to be the more "honest" version concerning reviews & opinions... ;-)

  7. Hey Dynamike, Great name and warmest welcome to this site friend. Hope you enjoy visiting and hope to correspond at some stage. Sincere Regards

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