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  1. My weight loss has slowed down a bit although I hit 210 lbs last Sunday. I am happy I am down 88 lbs from Jan 2011 but I still have a ways to go and hope I can break 200 lbs in a couple of months. Good luck to all who are striving to get healthier.

  2. ^ Good advice, a few flights up the stairs a day do wonders. Quitting soda specially diet is highly recommended since artificial sweeteners SUCK. BTW, cinnamon has been shown to help those with diabetes improve the control of the blood sugar throughout the day.

  3. .



    mrarroyo: I think a lot of people think badly of the low-carb diets because, unless one is meticulous about following it, it becomes very easy to make a mistake and gain weight. Also, the 'high-fat' images invoked can be less than appealing. I know that in the beginning I ate quite a bit of fatty stuff (BACON), since I was trying to quell those cravings at the beginning of the diet. Now, I eat what I think is 'normal', and certainly my portion sizes and caloric intakes are MUCH lower than before I started.





    Yes, both my cravings and portion size have come down significantly just as you have noticed. I too like eggs and I blend 3 parts egg whites to one whole egg to get some of the color and flavor back into the omelet or scramble eggs. Turkey bacon although not as good helps as well as lox. You are also correct in being meticulous, sugar is hidden in just about everything. Best of luck.

  4. Best of luck to all who are doing something to get healthier via dieting and exercising. It is a tough battle but one that must be fought and won to allow us to live not just longer but more active lives. I let myself go and got up to 298 lbs so over the last 27 months I have through walking and a low carb regime lost 79 lbs. I realize that a low carb diet (Atkins anyone?) is not well though of by many but if you choose lean cuts, minimize the consumption of eggs and use olive oil the outcome can be very rewarding. I do have another 55 lbs to go (or so I wish) but time will tell.


    Small steps and keeping short term goals to allow success has been a good driving force in my efforts and that of many others. Wish you all the best.

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  5. Thanks for the encouraging words guys and gals! Besides cycling a couple of times a week I am also walking about 20 miles a week. I mention this to brag a little, not about the exercising but about being down 71 lbs (was at 298 lbs and now at 227 lbs). It has been slow but that is ok, now another 55 lbs more and …

  6. Good luck there Vicky.


    I went out yesterday for my 2nd ride and although it felt great afterwards I sux big time specially in stability, wobbled a lot. Ended up doing a tad over 7 miles at 10.5 mph. Will try to ride again today and hope not to wobble as much.  :-[

  7. Well, after 16 years of not riding my bike I finally went today thanks to the order from Performance Bike arriving early. I took about three rounds around the building's parking lot since I was having a hard time getting on the clip less pedals and the saddle … let's say I need a lot of training to do more than the 3.5 miles I did today at a measly 9.5 mph


    Below is a link to my old 1988 GT Karakoram!



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  8. Well, after a a 16 year absence from the cycling world I finally got the courage yesterday to go out for a ride. It was not meant to be … the sole from my 25 year old shoe totally separated from the uppers so now I will be looking for a new set of MTB cycling shoes. Started the search and it appears the cleats are way different from the old Performance pedals (circa 1990) I have so I may need to get new shoes, new cleats, and new pedals! I will be contacting Performance to see about this new (small) setback. On another front lost another couple of pounds bringing me down to 233 lbs, a total loss so far of 65 lbs but a lot more to go.

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  9. Ok, here it goes … I plan on starting to cycle after a 16 year absence. To do so I am starting by re-habilitating a Circa 1989 GT Karakoram for which I have ordered a bunch of parts from Performance Bike. Besides enjoying cycling a lot I hope it helps me get of this weight plateau I am in, have been stuck at about 235 lbs (down from 298) for a while and walking 22 - 25 miles a week while dieting is not doing it. So my goal beside starting to cycle again is to do 1,500 - 2,000 miles in 2013, a far cry of the 5,000 miles I used to ride while living in Chattanooga but a lot of fun should be had.

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