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  1. it should say on the home page that this site is for snobs, it would really help people decide that its not for them, unless they're cunts like your good selves. no doubt it is the american influence, the rest of the world knows you are all pricks! please turn off your pc and go fuck your mother up her shit-laden arsehole. oh, and don't forget to lick your mummy's arse out first.
  2. oh well, looks like i've picked the wrong forum to join then. BUGGER!
  3. hi. i know there probably isn't a 'best' as its all subjective, however your input will be appreciated. i'm looking for the 'best' mp3 player. i don't care about the video features as i'll never be watching video or looking at photos with it. i'll be listening to mp3 format. pop and classic hard rock will be the main music, and audiobooks too. flash drive. plenty of bass is required.[very important.] so as you can see, its all about the SQ of the music, that i care about. my current player is the clip+, and i like it a lot. i've read that it is regarded as one of the best sounding players out there, however i'm hoping there are some better. my IEMs are creative something or other! possibly 830s? can't recall. i imagine if there is a player that can deliver good bass, i may have to invest in some other earphones? i'll be glad to hear of any suggestions. thats it. thanks.
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