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  1. Wow. That's such nice considered advice. So I can't be a part of your super exclusive internet group? I'll just have to go to another AV forum where the admins aren't on a pathetic power trip. Nice knowing you douchebag.
  2. But it's not. Because as I have said, I don't have the opportunity to audition any of these headphones where I live, so i was wanting to hear feedback from people with experience with these 'phones. Thanks.
  3. Hey everyone I am looking to buy a pair of full-size closed-back cans that are sort of portable. I have a pair of Koss PortaPros that I've owned for about 7 years now and am looking to upgrade. I want closed-back as the sound from my PortaPros obviously leaks which isn't ideal when listening at my desk at Uni, and in turn isn't great for walking around town with traffic, etc. I have narrowed the list down to these alternatives: Phiaton MS 400 Ultrasone DJ1 Ultrasone HFI-680 I was also considering the Audio Technica ATH-A900's but unfortunately I don't think they are portable enough for my uses. I will mostly be listening through my laptop or Ipod mini, and maybe occasionally through my integrated amplifier at home. I am considering getting a portable amplifier, probably the Nuforce Icon Mobile or the fiiO E7, both of these would be quite useful in improving my laptops onboard audio as well. I would definitely get a portable amp if I decide on the HFI-680, as they're a little harder to drive then the other options, but would like to know if it would be worth getting an amp for the MS 400's or DJ1's as well? The type of music I listen to varies quite a lot, but I listen mainly to rock, everything from the Melvins to the Kinks to Radiohead, and occasionally Drum and Bass, and classical. I will also be using it for movies and gaming, but would rather have a headphone suited to music than anything else. So I guess I would like the headphone to be pretty versatile, which I hear the DJ1's and MS 400's are, if a little bass-heavy, which I don't mind. At the moment, I am leaning more to the MS 400's as I like the fact that they are designed to be used as portables, but are almost full-sized cans at the same time. I just seem to be getting mixed-messages over their sound quality. With a lot of reviews describing them as 'fun', but not strictly speaking audiophile quality. I wonder if this is partly due to their positioning as a stylish headphone? I am not seeking an audiophile quality headphone though, that will reveal flaws in my music, etc. Just want something thats enjoyable to listen to without being too coloured or skewed one way or the other. Also, I saw a review off the "second generation" MS 400's at Digitaltrends, they've now released them in an all black version, which would probably suit my fashion sense a little-better, and have included an extension cord as well as apparently improving the headband. Has anyone had a chance to get their hands on this revised edition? Also, does anybody know if the original red and black model has been updated as well? Or is the update restricted to the new all-black model? I ask because none of the online retailers I've visited include an updated description regarding the inclusion of the extension cable. Obviously the best advice you could give me would be to try them myself at a local store. Unfortunately I'm from New Zealand and the only thing I could trial here was a basic range of AKG's and Sennheiser's, neither of which impressed me very much. So to sum up, any general opinions regarding the way the three headphones I'm considering sound against each other would be appreciated. Thanks for your help with this, I wrote a little more than I expected but I have been considering this purchase for quite a long time.
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