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  1. Hey Tkam, Nice to meet you.

    This is George from Gearbest.com(an online shop from China) i m in charge of the headphones category in our website, i don't know if you know about our website or not, but i m interesting in cooperation with you.

    I m been join Head-case today but i m been visit the forum for several times, i like here and think you guys will bring more and more readers in the furture.

    I'd like to recommend you a new headphone from Gearbest, i m already have review in Head-fi: http://www.head-fi.org/products/meizu-hd50/reviews/14895 

    If you are interesting in review it and post it at Head-case with a link of Gearbest.com, i will send you a free sample for review, and we will try to build a long team, win-win cooperation relationship.

    Next time may be we will prepare some budget to become sponsorship.

    If you are interesting in my plan, please contact me : [email protected]

    Have a nice day!


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