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  1. ????? Oh - JH13 = JH Audio JH13 Thanks
  2. I'm a budding audiophile. I just attended CanJam NYC and was blown away by all the amazing options for beautiful hi fidelity sound. My first purchase a few months ago was the ATH IM-02 IEM's. I also picked up the 1more triple drivers for times when a need a little more bass or just want to be rough and don't want to injure the ATH's. I am using an iPhone 7 with the provided Apple lightening to audio adapter and listening to Apple Music. My question... what would be the next step towards improving my sound? What would be the most noticeable? - adding a DragonFly Red or Black with Apple CCK? - up-grading to high quality source music - like Tidal Hifi with current equipment? - upgrading to even higher quality IEM's? - start down-loading and using high quality FLAC files from current set up? - upgrading to a dedicated DAP with FLAC files or Tidal? Thanks in advance
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