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  1. so what can i post and can't , i dont get it awesome, thank you this is B&W reply to me... Paul S. (03/30/2017 04:03 PM) Hi Ian, hope you're doing well. I did some thorough searching, and we don't have a crossover schematic or owners manual for the Matrix 801 Series 80. Kind regards, Paul Bowers & Wilkins
  2. i just did a pair of 801 series 80, replaced all the caps with solen 400v fast caps, and two bennic 1000mf 100v ones.. yes it was a great deal of stacking, drilled a couple of holes and made sure it all fit good and snug with zip ties and silicone. i also removed allot of the protection circuit ( from looking at it as a section on the board) i removed the 82 ohm & 1k ohm resisters (which had burn marks on them), all the diodes, the two 100mf 40v caps (both dry and junk) and two of the wire jumper leads that connected the resistors.. that appeared to be all the 'connections' from t
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