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  1. Okay the Stax Mafia circuit board thread is the source to look at. But the link in the first post is dead... Saw the Google Drive link. Those are the PDF schematics. Luckily there is a pcb group buy thread and would like to start with a CFP2 amp. As the costs will not be to high. But where is it the BOM or thread from the CFP2 amp? Didnt came across where does the letters stand for? Or do i have to source the parts of the schematics PDF myself.... Hmzzz and maybe it's a bridge to far than and go with an Aliexpress KS5 kit.
  2. Hi all, First of all let me begin to say i am a beginner wit some detailed instuction and BOM i come pretty far. Just finished my O2 and ready for a new challange. I have a new DAP on the way with balanced output so i thought a Balanced in to out would be a great additition. So i have a few options which i cant decide which one to build. -Krell KSA5 Clone -Audiotechnica AT-HA5000 clone - "The Wire" bal-bal amplifier OR the Dynalo which is pretty hard to research because his website is down. This link for instance http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/b
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