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  1. 4 hours ago, spritzer said:

    It's always great to have new sets to play with but the recent Stax sets have just been such a massive letdown.  The 009BK is the only one of the recent sets I've actually kept but that's more down to me needing to have a set of 009's rather than using them for fun.  The 009S is such a disappointment... 

    Speaking of the CRBN... I'll be posting about that soon as I have them sitting on my head right now...  ;) Ohhh and teardown pictures as well. 


    I recall that you were disappointed with the SR-009S bass response in comparison with the SR-007MkII, though you found the bright treble response to not be as objectionable as the SR-009.  Do I have this correct as your main concern?

    Much appreciate your insights on this, thanks!


  2. Studying the input circuit for the SRM-T1 (for future balanced input mod), came across what looks like a resistor in a neon bulb.  What is special about this part vs. using a conventional resistor?  Is this the same pair of parts that I’m pointed to in the attached input schematic?



    srm-t1 r1 photo.jpg

    srm-t1 r1 schematic.jpg

  3. Hello all,

    I just picked up a functional Stax SRM-T1 that I’ll upgrade with new caps and Jim Lin’s CCS upgrade pretty soon.  My preamp has balanced outputs, and I was wondering if it makes sense for me to do an XLR balanced input conversion to the SRM-T1, given that the T1 uses virtually the same PCB as the XLR-equipped SRM-T1S.  I have the T1 schematic, but I’ve not been able to locate one for the T1S nor details on how the input circuit differs between these two amps.  

    Is the sonic benefit from using a balanced input more trouble than it’s worth?  Would the XLR mod be straightforward to do?  I’m experienced with electronics work.

    Thank you very much for any suggestions!

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