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  1. No not so simple as slow shipping more like slow funding and lots of indecision. I will buy the Grados then purchase the Bijou or something similar to build. Then its on to some good Iems along with massive indecision as well. Thanks for all the help, there will be many more questions Crash
  2. Yes and it is a difficult wait Boredom set in MINI3 is a nice little amp. Using a worn Shure e2c sound significantly better with a 1G ipod but want something to use now and with the next project a Bijou.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. Built the MINI 3 and need some new phones. Crash
  4. Hi all new here ,great site. My question is will a MINI 3 drive a set of GRADO sr225.Thanks for any help. Crash
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