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  1. Essential phone is only $299 ($499 without) with friends and family code from previous buyers until mid December. Very similar specs to the Pixel XL and they've fixed most of the original camera issues on release. 2560x1312 5.71" 504 ppi bezel-less edge to edge IPS display, unlockable bootloader, practically AOSP Android, Snapdragon 835, 128 gb storage, module compatibility, 7 hr on screen time before charging, Bluetooth 5, no branding on outside, certified working on all carriers. Savage good deal.


    Pixel 2 XL display is already having burn-in, bad angles, and grain/banding after 2 weeks. Ouch.





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  2. Thanks, I'll look into it. And yeah I guess I'm gonna have to wipe everything and reinstall the OS and packages from scratch... definitely teaches me to never update packages remotely, but running headless is so much more convenient...
    What browser are you using, that you're having problems with? I finally gave in and switched totally to chrome a year ago, still not sure it's the best option.

    Firefox nightly x64 v56.

    It runs faster and uses less memory than Chrome. Has a process per core that it divides pages into. Really nice, not completely compatible with older extensions yet, but works with all the ones I truly feel I need like ublock origin.
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  3. Remote shell command line interface where the phone is either server or client, can be separate apps for each. Probably requires root? 
    Separate problem, but I ssh'd into my RPi from my laptop yesterday and ran some updates. Forgot about it and it was prompting me about what to do about lightdm and since I forgot about it my laptop turned off and the connection cut. Now it's bricked, the mouse and keyboard don't work and the Wi-Fi doesn't either so I can't ssh back in. FML

    On the phone, creating a remote ADB shell requires developer options enabled and then enabling USB debugging. After that, install the Android SDK on the PC you wish to run ADB from and connect the phone via USB and accept the PC for debugging when prompted. I know it's not SSH or over the network, probably would take an app for something like that. I expect an app might also be needed to SSH with the phone into other devices. Might not need root. I don't know if I'm much help, sorry.

    Sucks about your Raspberry Pi.
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  4. Oh hai. Yeah, I fixed that mostly last week. Had to do with allowing notifications from the site or you couldn't post at all and many other features were broken. Not to do with DOM storage. Still have issues on the desktop browser on certain things, but it's usable now.

    Tapatalk still functions fine.

    As for SSH, I suppose the closest thing I've used was ADB to make a shell. Are you trying to get a command line interface or trying to get a full remote interface I guess I should ask?

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  5. I just got a notification to update my OS to Nougat. I don't follow any of this stuff anymore, so anyone know if I should do it? Usually upgrades make things worse in my experience, but it's balanced by the fact that the damn update popup appears every now and then.

    I don't think it should be as bad as the jump to marshmallow with its permission requests and storage changes that developers weren't prepared for. If you are on MM already, I'd go for it.

    XDA developers forum for your phone would be a good place to check out how others are fairing if you're on the fence.
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  6. I've been asked to go to work tomorrow morning which is normally a forty minute drive, black ice warning until noon. The road outside has not been plowed yet. Fairly nervous, really don't want to damage the vehicle.

  7. The Moto 360 has proved invaluable at the new job at the datacenter for seeing and replying to the insane amount of messages while my hands are in use. So thankful I have it now, whereas before I started I thought it might be unnecessary.

  8. I've been using a leesa for about half a year now. No outgassing after the first night really. It's decent firmness while cool, but does tend to sag when it gets warmer. Not going to bottom out, but noticeable especially for side sleepers.

  9. Walking Dead is just now recovering from having fired Frank Darabant just before the end of the first season, it started off great. The story is getting more interesting as it gets closer to the original story told in the comics IMO. I still cringe whenever I remember the CDC episodes. It took a short walk off a cliff for a while. The reasoning AMC gave was that the director wanted too much money, that he was difficult to deal with, and that he had a difficult time not taking a movie pacing on a TV show. The show got so slow after his removal and subsequent budget cuts that it was sometimes a snooze fest and seemed like watching a gloomy soap opera to me.

    He was fired without notice days after AMC sent him to Comic Con to promote the show. There is a lawsuit and counter lawsuit between Darabant and AMC over profiting from his influence.

  10. Add GranitePhone to the list: http://www.granitephone.com 



    So far as I've been able to tell, you could make any android phone as secure as the granitephone by downloading a few apps. Other than that pic of an unattractive interface, they don't really publish any solid info on what's special about it anywhere. It's very pricey as well. It's weaker than a kickstarter page for a half baked idea. All this jargon filled vaporware can be yours for $830.

    The actual black phone 2 has a security team that modified and patched the android OS lead by some big names like Phil Zimmerman (creator of PGP) and former Entrust Chief Technology Officer John Callas (the man behind much of the security in Mac OS X and iOS). Blackphone's chief architect is Mike Kershaw, (known in the security realm as the developer of the Kismet Wi-Fi auditing tool). The device receives security patches faster than even Google patches nexus devices typically.

    The modified Android it uses called Silent OS supports multiple (up to four) "spaces": virtualized phones within the phone. It has very granular control of permissions allowing you to selectively punch through between spaces per app and controlling apps permissions for privacy, matching company security standards, and for several users.

    Software is installed to create a virtual burner phone and encrypted secure private communications. Phone calls are encrypted peer-to-peer and end-to-end over the network, so the service doesn't hold a key to decrypt the contents. While it doesn't prevent legal wiretapping on a public switched network, it protects privacy from direct call monitoring at the source. Texting has a function called "burn notice." You can set a time limit for a message to be available to the person you sent it to, after which the key for the message expires and the text or image is deleted (texts are a link to a temporary message encrypted on secure server hosted on Amazon cloud). The apps use pinned certificates.

    The smart WiFi manager prevents communication with rogue access points that poll cell phone devices for APs they are searching for in order to spoof them. It also creates a fingerprint of nearby cellular towers to control permissions on WiFi and Bluetooth instead of relying on GPS or Google's location services.

    The OS has selective wiping of sensitive apps and data options, remotely or conditional.

    It's obviously overkill for an average phone user, but it's the only phone in my opinion actually focused on security and privacy first.

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  11. I am probably going with this, with fewer cores:


    Similar and better form factor.

    That looks very nice. Netgate is awesome, would have liked to pay for their support and supporting pfsense. I believe they are the driving support behind quickassist drivers being ported to freebsd and are working with Intel.

    This is the netgate supported version that you described: https://store.pfsense.org/SG4860/

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