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  1. Thanks for the feedback. We are willing to take hits for the service you received. We dropped the ball on internal fulfillment and follow-up. Steps have been taken to correct this. We are small and growing and try to learn from our mistakes. Key to our philosophy is to bring quality and performance to at reasonable prices. We don't want to just be pass-through importers of Asian products. We enage in R&D and new designs. We build them here. It is not an easy task. We also work hard to deliver strong and effective post-sale support. That doesn't mean we don't make mistakes. I apologize. Regarding magiDAC grounding issue: It has been identified and corrected. It did not occur in all set-ups... It required some diagnostics time on our part to repeat the issue and then correct it. Regarding the rush to get them out: They were built and shipped as we stated. You're right, we are small company. We are trying to do our assembly work in the US rather than overseas. It has been a challenge. We have changed our approach (still in the US) to allow for more scalability so we are not overtaken by orders again. Regarding pricing: One of the new v2.0 DACs (with high-end transformers) was at the Heathrow show as a prototype. It received much interest. UK distributor and dealers there want the price to be >$2000. We are committed to keeping the pricing for the new DAC in the "reasonable" range (The DAC will not cost that much, even if it costs us dealers). We will release the new DAC around the first of the year with new casing and PCB. Based on what we have learned the hard way, we will have supply on hand to fulfill more initial orders than projected. We are going to keep trying. We will, no doubt, make mistakes in the future, but we will keep pushing to provide high-value high-performance audio and strong service levels. Mike
  2. Mapstec, I'm sorry you had an unsatisfactory experience with the magiDAC. We welcome your comments. Please pound on us for our mistakes. We are a small company with great dedication to providing high levels of customer service. This, of course, does not mean that we do not make mistakes, but that when we make mistakes, we work to correct them, to learn from them... and not repeat them. Please also engage in full disclosure when speaking in a public forum. This is not my first apology to you as I had contacted you via email as soon as I saw the DAC up for sale. You neglect to mention my two emails in your post. You also don't mention that we offered to pay return postage; and, once we found that you had sold the DAC, we asked you to instruct the new owner to contact us so that we might find if the problem was the DAC and, if so, resolve it quickly. Regarding the dogbone shape of the switch lever: The switch was selected because it is a high-quality DC-specific switch. When tested, comments were that the bulb shape made the switch comfortable and easy to work. We are always working to improve our products and are looking for alternatives to the switch that provide the same quality and functionality. Again, I am sorry that your experience with magiDAC was poor. We are specifically looking at headphone performance as we work through design of the next generation of the DAC. Best regards, Mike s.
  3. Hi Guys, This is the other Mike from Audiomagus. I'm the one not in Hawaii... and the one building the DACs. In other words, the one to blame . The DACs are all hand-assembled here in Poulsbo (outside Seattle). We were overwhelmed by the number of orders and have been trying to keep up while making accurate and reasonable ship-date estimates. As is in evidence here, we've not been keeping up very well. I apologize for that. We will be shipping the last batches through the weekend. The only ones waiting after that are 3 that are dependent on a new delivery of custom transformers from Bud Purvine. Bud assures us that we'll have the new transformers by Wed. (A week late...but Bud makes very good transformers.) If you have any questions, please call, email or chat. All of the contact info, including live chat link and toll-free telephone number, can be found on our site. Thanks and, again, I apologize to any of you that have had to wait!
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