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  1. Sorry, if this is a repost! I’ve been thinking about buying in-ear headphones, and I found theSennheiser IE8. But those were too expensive, so I did my research and found two in-ears that are less expensive-the CX980 and the MX980. The only problem right now is which one I should get. Some factors I will be considering include- Accessories- While I usually don’t use the accessories too much except maybe the carrying case and the sports clip, if the headphones do include accessories. Fortunately, that’s about all both the headphones come with. The only question I can ask is how good they work with the headphones. Build Quality- I want these in ears to last as long as possible. I take good care of my headphones, but I will use them a lot-from listening to my Sansa Clip+ to conferencing my friends on Skype. Every time I leave the house, I put on my headphones to listen to music and pass the time. I know Sennheiser has a great reputation for build, but some Sennheisers last longer than others. Noise Isolation- Not a huge deal, but nice if included. While it is nice to filter out outside noise such as car engine noise or people talking elsewhere, I do often talk to people with my headphones in my ear anyway, so it doesn’t matter much. Microphonics- I never found microphonics a huge problem when listening to music, but it certainly does matter. I will sometimes mess with my headphones, tangle them, wrap them, and untangle them when they get tangled because they’re a mess. Comfort- I will be wearing my headphones for hours of time, once I listened to 200+ songs without removing my headphones! I want my headphones to feel as if it were cushioning my ear or is just simply not there anymore. Sound Quality- I will be listening to classical music, techno and electronic (videogames/movies/YouTube), rap, hip-hop, and pop. I will also be using it to watch videos, play movies, conference, chat on the phone via Skype or smartphone, and when playing video games. Value- To me, $200 is still quite an investment despite being a ton less expensive than the $400 IE8s. I want every single cent to be worth its price. Also, I don’t want fakes either, but this isn’t a huge deal as I’ve only seen real MX980s and CX980s. Does anyone know which headphones are better suited for my requirements? What are the differences between these two headphones? I will be listening to music on a Sandisk Sansa Clip+. The headphones will be purchased through Amazon, I have webpages listed below- -Amazon USA: Sennheiser CX980 $149.99 + $4.99 S&H (aTreasureIsland, seller rep 100% 209 ratings) -Amazon USA: Sennheiser MX980 $199.99 + Free S&H (globalmobiles, seller rep 96% 4,401 ratings) Can someone recommend me the better in-ear headphones? Thanks!!!
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