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Plinius CD-101 internal pics & specs


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I recently had to open my Plinius CD-101 (a physical issue with the transport developed) and thought I'd take additional pics of the internals.

First though some specs:

- DACs: TI PCM1704 (2) (not the 4 required for true-balanced dual-differential output) :(

- Op-amps: unknown, but ECE EDR201A1200 in analog output stage

- Unknown: National LM317T (2) and LM337 (2)

- Transport: Asus CD-S520B2

Previous set of internal pics posted on Head-Fi here: Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio - View Single Post - The Plinius CD-101 has landed - and is staying





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The i/v is LT1363; I don't know if the buffer thereafter is as well or not as the label is underneath that resistor. The top chip in that row of three on the first picture is a line buffer for data, clock, etc. (it's a 74ACT244). The second chip down looks like a DF1704. The fourth I don't know which part specifically but it's some sort of input receiver, and looks like it's one of TI's.

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