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DIY tube caddies

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Has anyone here built one?

I have an RCA caddy, it's about the size of a maxed-out carry-on bag.

Similar to this one:


The thing is huge, and while it's interesting in an ephemeral way, it weighs about 40 pounds (full), and is of course pretty musty. Big arse mofo.

Right now I keep my active, or popular- tubes in three file cabinet drawers. The caddy is filled with odd and end tubes that I may or may not ever have use for, but don't wish to toss. Then I have another cardboard carton with other, stranger tubes, such as duodecar and some extra compactrons.

Deal is that it would make more sense to keep the non-active stuff in the file cabinet, and the stuff I use often in a portable case, but the case is too friggin mammoth. So I'm considering making a very similarly constructed caddy, but in about half size. Either same width, about half length, and slightly smaller height, or maybe do away with the bottom compartment and make the two clamshell halves only, similar height and width as the top of the existing case, somewhat shorter in length. I'd then keep the popular tubes in the small caddy, oddball tubes in the mega caddy, and keep tools in the drawers instead of tubes. The cabinet is located within the base of my workbench.

I'd probably make it from 3/8" hardwood, or 5/8" pine, fingerjointed and finished bright; or from 1/2" baltic birch, covered with tolex- maybe tweed it like a fender princeton?

Anyone here made any form of a more portable tube caddy? Please post up pics. Or, if you own a commercial caddy of smaller proportions, post a pic of that. Something similar in size to the old grammar school phonographs (califone?) would be cool.

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That looks pretty workable, each tray holds a reasonable group of tubes. Does it stay clipped together pretty securely?

Looks like your workbench has a sink, faucets, and marble backsplash. I'm guessing either you are a bachelor, or married to the most understanding woman in history. :)

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The fasteners are rock solid. HIGHLY recommended.

Don't let the pic fool you - it is a Jack n Jill bath arrangement, where my side is closed off, and makes a rather convenient DIY 'alcove'. Since it is my office, the wife just ignores it.

To wit:


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