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  1. <sigh> I did buy an Eimac 304tl (with socket) to head down this path...
  2. Mom just did the sheets, so Raoul felt obliged to provide some QE. He's holding up even at 14...
  3. Ok, I have a 10 year old nephew with a laptop. This was purchased by his IBC mother (my sister) at a pawn shop for cheap, and, of course, without the original XP media. Need I say more? But, I'm stuck getting XP back on it. The machine is not up for Vista, nor Win7 (pity, because I have a spare Vista upgrade), and Linux (Ubutu, etc) just is not an option for the spawn of IBC. So, how do I get a reasonable version of XP?
  4. pabbi1

    Canjam 2010.

    Way too early to plan for me... too many variables.
  5. pabbi1

    Baby O

    I can send you a HEV70, and really (almost) don't care if you send it back, as it (allegedly) has an issue, but I could not be bothered to verify that (it sold, and was sent back). The first thing that any he60 owner should do is lop off the POS Senn connector, and terminate Stax. Take your lopped off connector and make an adapter, like this: And, I'd definitely get the o rings, replace them yourself, or, have someone like Alex @ apuresound do it (he has owned 4 sets, and worked on another half dozen), and can do the termination. In fact, I could use a set of o-rings myself, though mine were replaced when I bougt them 3 years ago.
  6. And great prices at Welbourne - IFF they are the right size.
  7. Well, 100 attorneys, 50 CPAs, and, yes, 20 HOT chicks... but hot at my age has a LOT of lattitude.
  8. Building your own is highly recommended, even if it take some help from Doctor Wood.. Still pretty, but, fail. Like the old Knack song, "Maybe Tonight".
  9. Sat in a room with 100 tax counsel for training on International Tax done by the Texas State Bar... fucking shoot me now, well, except for the 20 or so hott chicks.
  10. The exact same thing can be said for the he60, which responds far better to many other amps. Then again, the OII just does not work for me, BH or no.
  11. THLAudio has the 2P65 listed - he also has Seiden and Shallco, so maybe he can get exotics as well.
  12. Sweetie, re-read the HC motto - remember, I brought a WORKING SOHA II and didn't even power it up either.
  13. On my (balanced / dual differential) Bijou, the only thing I've ever seen past 11 (o'clock) is the K1000, and they were at about 4 o'clock. This is from a guy who runs a Raptor wide open. I had cords out the wazoo (6 Quail, and some computer grade cords, along with my power strip)... the problem was one source to 5 amps, where one was needed to troubleshoot the Raven. My intent was for everyone to have listening impressions of the two eXStata amps (one sand, one tube), but... Bijou was there kinda just sitting. A shame really, as it is quite nice. She deserves a better home than I can give her, as she really has served me very well - just not well enough with the hd800. Good thing Marc took some perverse obsession with the Raven design, as the circuit designer is not helping a whole lot. And, these boards are the cheapest, crappiest ever - only because he threw them in for free (probably because he could only give them away). The lack of testpoints to bias the thing REALLY makes it fun. Next time, damnit.
  14. Next time I'll actually bring a cord thingy, and plug it in, along with the SOHA II and the Blue Hawaii.
  15. Like, I was, you know, there, and stuff... but, don't remember much. All horrorshow like. Left Friday on my way to Houston, via Austin, stayed up til 2am soldering, soldered again from 8:30-10am, showed up an hour late for the meet, listened to 3 pieces of gear belonging to 3 different people for a total of 3 minutes and left an hour late at 4, zoomed home @ 85mph, and brought my wife goodies from La Madeleine. Was then NOT stabbed in my sleep that night. The End.
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