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    Hagerman Bugle + DL-103 Revisited

    Tonearm: SME 3009 Series II I guess opinions may vary on the DL103/Cinemag combo, as they do on everything audio. But with that being said, I own several MM ranging from an ancient Stanton 681EEE/S to a Grado Reference Sonata, and this combo out performs them all. I have listened to several higher end units such as Dynavector X20, Ortofon Rondo and Shelter cartridges, and without doing an A/B comparison can't give detailed reviews, but I don't remember them offering anything that suggested any better tracking, soundstage or overall presentation than this combo. Let's not forget my statement was also made based on finding a true multi-tap SUT for $125.00, most DIY Transformers will cost at least twice that and pre-built units can cost much more. A parting thought, there may be something special about matching a 45 year old cartridge design with a 40 year old tonearm design, it's just groovy man.
  2. jleezard

    Hagerman Bugle + DL-103 Revisited

    Well I have the Cinemags and the Zu/Denon Dl 103 up and running and I could not be more pleased. The Cinemag transformers were a breeze to set up with no hum at all, and the Zu/Denon is unbelievable. Zu was running a special on the 1% model at $299.00, which makes the duo even more impressive. With a little work and approximately $425.00 in parts I have a really wonderful MC setup. IMHO, you would have to spend a lot more to get anything better. This pair is highly recommended.
  3. jleezard

    Hagerman Bugle + DL-103 Revisited

    I ordered my Cinemag transformers yesterday, according to David at Cinemag they have a very hard time keeping the transformers in stock. So my units should be shipped next week. I guess since they are out of stock, they must be either a really good product or they are being purchased based on price alone. I'll keep you posted on the build up, in the mean time I will need to find a Denon Dl 103 to purchase.
  4. jleezard

    Hagerman Bugle + DL-103 Revisited

    Sweet cartridge. I'm really interested in going further with the MC cartridges. I've been using the Bugle for about two years with MM and really enjoy the sound and versatility it offers. Any information that can be given on the Cinemag SUT, Bugle and Denon set up would be most appreciated.
  5. jleezard

    Hagerman Bugle + DL-103 Revisited

    luvdunhill,Postjack If using the 103R cartridge, did you increase the resistance more than for the standard 103? Or will 100 ohm loading in the Bugle work well for both models?
  6. jleezard

    Hagerman Bugle + DL-103 Revisited

    I have two Bugles running now and love them, but as always I'm trying to find new ways to improve them. What Opamp did you use in the modification, and can you recommend loading for a Denon Dl 160 that I just purchased. Thanks.