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  1. thanks all! had a wonderful weekend. nice dinner out with melody on Saturday, watched the fight with a bunch of friends that night. for the actual birthday melody asked what i wanted and i said i wanted to setup my new receiver (yamaha 2060) and play civ vi all day. i did and it was awesome.
  2. Just a lil' bit of an upgrade there.
  3. All good questions. The HOA is $500/month, which startled me at first, but after crunching the numbers it's actually reasonable. The HOA covers water, termite policy, and of course maintenance of the grounds and the building's exterior/roof. After calculating what I'm currently paying for water, termite policy, lawncare, and homeowners insurance (the portion that covers the domicile, not personal possessions), the extra per month is about $108. I view that $108 as the money I'd be putting aside anyway for eventual repairs on the home's exterior. The HOA board I am curious about. I intend
  4. Welcome @Cattler! Welcome to head-case. Hope everything is chill with you. Do you meditate regularly? I think its pretty cool to do so. I look forward to it now. For a fun and easy tex-mex meal, cut up some chicken breast into cubes and saute in the pan with salt and pepper. They'll cook quick. Then cut up an avocado or two, add salsa and tortilla chips of your choice and VOILA, you have a tasty and reasonably healthy dinner. Works great for leftovers except for avocados which turn into a goddamn horror show 20 minutes after you cut them open. What is the deal with that? @Cattler lets get to w
  5. Good point about the firewalls. And my dad did say we could come over and stay for a weekend when they are out of town just to see how we liked it. Very unique opportunity. I could then bring the speakers over and try them out, having said that they are those big ass SVS Ultra Towers, and I'd need to bring my big ass XPA-2 power amp, so it'd be a hassle, but worth it to determine if we'd bother neighbors at adequate listening volumes. I did ask my parents if they ever get any noise complaints or if their neighbors ever make too much noise and he said no. Regarding neighbors, al
  6. Good Morning Head Case! Figured I'd tap into the collective experience of all you fine people to see if anyone has any thoughts on this. Melody and I are considering selling our 2 bedroom/1 bathroom 1200 sq. ft. house and purchasing a 2 bedroom/2.5 bathroom 2500 sq. ft. townhouse. Here are the facts: -My parents are currently living in this townhouse, and are looking to move, so I'd be buying it from them. I have no idea how much they'd sell it for, we haven't gotten that far, but I know we'd be able to get it for well under market, which is really why we are even considering it
  7. My vinyl purchases have slowed down considerably, I buy maybe several records a year. Some inexpensive, but mostly I buy high dollar / rare records. I say buy, but I've also been trading in large quantities of records I no longer listen to. I am popular at my local record store because I bring them a bunch of records pressed in the past ten years or so that they can easily sell for $10-15 a pop, and in return I take the records on the top shelf they have a hard time selling. I'm strangely lucky to have a really amazing record store down here in Mobile, AL. The guy who runs it has been in
  8. So I traded in my Radiohead In Rainbows 2x45RPM and my deluxe box of The Smiths Complete for the above at my local record shop. Sex Pistols - Bollocks original pressing promo Radiohead - OKC original pressing Run DMC original pressing Pearl Jam - Ten original pressing (sealed) Pretty excited about the trade. That Smiths box was beautiful but it was fucking enormous and whenever I want to listen to The Smiths I reach for my original pressings instead of the remasters. And I don't like In Rainbows. Everyone loves it, I never got it. I actually like King of Limbs better t
  9. oh yes that's exactly what I'm going to do, rereading my post it sounded like I was having second thoughts based on the HD800S announcement. I've got the HD650 on my amazon wishlist, just kind of waiting till the price feels right.
  10. Funny this comes out right when I'm thinking about picking up the HD650 again. Maybe its nostalgia, but i want to hear the technics 1200 > singlepower supra > HD650. Used to be my setup but with a PPX3 instead of a supra. Vinyl + HD650 regardless of amp was always kind of a special combination.
  11. someone please send me a carton of this head-case milk (assuming its non-alcoholic milk). Welcome ‌@FreeSky! I hope you are achieving satisfaction in your quest for headphones. Listen up: you can save a LOT of money on glasses buy ordering from Zenni Optical. The hardest part is getting your pupillary distance correct, which is something your eye doctor usually doesn't provide. You could of course just ask them for it like a human being, or you could do what I did and measure them yourself like a crazy person. Eventually I got it right and I have an awesome pair of glasses I paid like $50 for,
  12. man I have been so slack! apologies all. Work has been busy and afterwards all I do is watch Rick and Morty or Mr robot. I'll step up my welcoming game.
  13. I've pretty much shifted back over to google play music. i do think tidal sounds better but technical issues with the android app are driving me away. particularly I can rarely resume a track after pausing. It will either start the track over or the whole app crashes. Crashing is certainly less then it used to be overall, so points to them for improvement, but for listening at work, where I do 95% of my streaming, google play is just more usable. And do I really need the higher fidelity when I'm listening to Kendrick Lamar and messing around with a spreadsheet?
  14. Also you should buy like 4 subwoofers so shit gets loud as hell boom boom hell yeah
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