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  1. Yes, i should hang around here more often. Love the Magnum Pi. I hear his 'stache has special acoustic properties...
  2. Magnum fans, Symphones will be offering a few final pairs of Full Magnum headphones for interested collectors. The Full Magnum is an enhancement product for the SR325/MS2 headphones that includes our acclaimed V4 drivers, All-aluminum parts including Chambers, Gimbals, Emblems and Rod Tips, available in Black or Silver Anodizing. Some benefits of the Magnum system include: All-Aluminum design: Aluminum is an ideal material for acoustics due to its incredible mechanical properties and accompanying light weight, pushing enclosure modal frequencies many order of magnitude higher than tra
  3. Sale has ended. Thanks to everyone who ordered.
  4. They do come with a black acoustic cloth on the drivers. They were removed during photos.
  5. Today is the last day for the Symphones Magnum/Head-case discount. We still have a few positions available for interested members.
  6. At the moment we're asking customers to send their headphone to us for recabling.
  7. Thanks Jamie. Everyone, as of now we have 11 openings remaining.
  8. The new headphone is much more 'refined' than stock MS2/325- bass, mids & highs. improvements are across the board. See my post on the previous page. There is no sonic difference between the SR325 and MS2 post mod- this is on purpose.
  9. Good question- I found the SR325/MS2 to be the 'sweet spot' for our upgrade design. Since it employs some aluminum parts- modifying it to be all-aluminum was more feasible than the alternatives.
  10. Yes. It looks like we will be offering returns for customers of the pre-order run. Details are still being worked- i should have something up by this afternoon. As for the wire- we can solder a new cable during the modification (as long as it does not involve 'making' a cable).
  11. Jeff, The increase in performance is immediately evident- keep in mind i spent more than 3 years working at sound quality improvements- not design or packaging or marketing. There was research budgets, extensive prototyping, even professional acoustic engineers. I feel confident to say there will be no competition to the Magnum enhancement for quite some time. This launch is hard for me as I am very reluctant to promote sonic improvements as i feel this is a conflict of interest. Some people may be asking why didn't we send out a few pairs for reviews? Problem is so much money went into
  12. We've had a few people ask us about the original SR325's- the sonic improvements are identical to the other versions post Magnum. It would give your pair a unique look thats for sure- more like the HP-1000's. As for sonics- the new coating actually works to enhance high frequency response through better controlling the diaphragms breakup mode. Short answer- very much so. All prices are in USD.
  13. We keep the outer-ear cups- the goal of this upgrade is to remove all plastic parts which have a negative effect on sound quality.
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