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  1. thanks for your warning. However, that one isn't the model which i am asking . I am asking about their top of the line MSB Plantinum DAC III. Anyone knows the price range for a used one? thanks
  2. Hi I am sorry for the missing word. It is MSB Plantinum DAC III I am considering it now but don't know its used price to know whether my wallet can survive after buying it or not
  3. Hi Everyone, after getting advice from Icarium, I think I will skip Esoteric DAC lines. Right now , I have just known the Plantinum DAC III and plan to hunt for a used one. Does anyone know how much it will cost for a used one so i can save enough money for it? any owners, here?? thanks
  4. thanks Icarium. Do you know any other DACs for me to consider(definitely not Larvy DA10 or Benchmark DAC1)?
  5. Hi everyone, I am looking for a new DAC new and kind of love Esoteric product. Right now there is one for sale on audiogon. However, I don't know whether Esoteric D-05 is really an amazing DAC for that much investment or not. Can any owner of Esoteric D-05 tell me your opinion? what is the price range for a used one? thanks
  6. I can't try it my headphone with anyone else because all my friends use dynamics amp . Let 's me try to private spritzer what is Thiels??
  7. so is it true that we will hear hum noise during winter for stax headphone? does your headphone have this kind of problem? thanks
  8. Hi Everyone I am a new guy to electrostatic headphone world. I have just bought a stax headphone. However, I hear some hum noise on one of my driver. I wonder whether there is something wrong with the headphone or not. I did some research and noticed that we will hear hum noise for all electrostatic headphone during winter time or cold weather. Is it right? thanks
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