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  1. Sorry, didn't mean to leave that out - she also has lower leg fractures as well but otherwise looks to recover fine. They've both had couple stabilization/ fixation surgeries possibly more down the road but considering the situation they are both doing well. I spoke with Larry about 30 mins after his surgery last night and he was in a tremendous amount of discomfort. That doc is gonna get an earful about pain management pharmacology when Larry starts to feel better.
  2. Just wanted to let everyone know that Larry and his daughter were in a terrible car accident this week. Another driver approaching Larry from the opposite direction lost control of his vehicle when both were approaching a previous crash site. The oncoming driver crossed the highway in front of Larry's car and they collided at high speed.Both Larry and his daughter survived but sustained several major injuries. Luckily for them, the EMS folks were literally mins away at the previous crash site and were treating their injuries almost immediately. Larry sustained fractures in both legs, a broke
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