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  1. his week I acquired a sennheiser HE60 but it has some issues concerning the left channel. Let me explain: First time I put it on I encountered the stax fart, it was very noticable. Whenever I flick the left ear cup, the buzzing/tizzing noises alters frequency, amplitude or volume etc. Its not a constant sound. And whenever I move my jaws the noises change aswell. Whenever I push the earcup ever so slightly towards my head it farts. Even if I flick the left earcup with my fingers gently the driver makes a 'pop'. the right driver only does this at a much higher force. I have had a HE60 in the
  2. Awesome. Thanks for your time Vortex, that is some useful information to me. I think it is wise to be sticking to the more basic parts for my first build.
  3. Thanks vortex, for starting this thread. Guys, newb here but Im eager to learn so Id appreciate any help. Right now I'm acquiring the parts for the Dynahi but I'm having some issues. When you look at the BOM and this layout(http://gilmore.chem....u/dynahibal.jpg) you can see there are two capacitors (470 uF/50v) Yet on the amplifier board itself there are six places for capacitors 470 uF / 35 v. Can anyone tell me which ones I need, preferably with a part number? And my second question, would it be a good thing to spent a bit more for higher quality parts or should you strictly follow
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