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  1. Thanks for clarifying, didn't know that you made the board . I'm not really good at electronics, but I will probably ask a friend to help me with this mod. Purer signal is very welcomed for any Stax setup. . I tried your suggestions to switch the L and R and the problem is now gone. No more of out of phase soundstage and the problem with fuzzy highs is gone. My Lambda sounds real nice now. Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone, I just bought a normal bias SRD-7 modified into pro bias. It sounds a bit strange through the Lambda. The sound is a seemingly out of phase and clipped on the highest frequency. Tried different amps, and the results are similar. The mod board has a head-case logo on it and labeled Mjolnir Audio. I suspect it was wired and soldered incorrectly by the previous owner as it is not wired according to the color code for the R-channel input. Here is the picture of the insides: Could anybody who has experience with this board confirm if it is indeed wired incorrectly? Many thanks in advance.
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