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  1. lol, yes I'm Marcel with Antelope. I read some of the comments and there seems to be some confusion about the clocks and dacs and wanted to make myself available. Sorry, I'd posted that in an earlier post, which the mods removed. Regards, Marcel
  2. Possibly Igor can answer some questions about why external clocking can sometimes benefit digital audio converters. The discussion centers around "good jitter" vs. "bad jitter" and how some carefully modulated jitter can benefit sound quality. Any other questions about Antelope clocks or dacs?
  3. Hey Guys, the Zodiac Plus can be used with a 10M, but yes you also need another clock in between (OCX or Trinity) and the source must also be clocked to them, as well. This is just a reality of what it takes to design the de-jittering that's taking place. It is shipping very soon. Just showed a demo in Amsterdam of a final unit yesterday.
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