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  1. Head Case Motorsports

    I know nothing of bikes and this just came up through a search but you may want to look at the Kawasaki Versys 1000 LT. https://www.cycleworld.com/2015/07/13/kawasaki-versys-1000-lt-vs-yamaha-fj-09-sport-tourer-motorcycle-comparison-test-review-photos-specifications
  2. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Congratulations Jacob! That job sounds like a perfect fit for your background and interests. Not surprising that you are first choice! Lots of positive life changes in a short period of time.
  3. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Get well Susy
  4. Head Case Motorsports

    That's a DIY option.
  5. Head Case Motorsports

    Here it is as requested. Hopefully I get another next year.
  6. Happy Birthday Gene!

    Happy Birthday!
  7. Head Case Motorsports

    My wife signed up to let me do another season of Autocross and I splurged on a pair of custom double adjustable front shocks for the Focus ST. There is a Celica that when it shows up is just in another world (1-2 seconds faster) and I'm hoping these bring me to his level but looking at the times from Nationals where some guys are stock (other than sway bar and tires) the issue is more likely me. I'll also get an alignment done in the spring when I get them installed. Got my Championship Trophy (a jacket) last week. It is sweet!
  8. Happy Birthday Bryan!

    Happy Birthday!
  9. And now what did you do TODAY?

  10. Head Case Motorsports

  11. Happy Birthday Dinny!

    Happy Birthday Dinny!
  12. Nifty, nifty Mikey's 50! Happy Birthday!

    Happy belated birthday! Sorry somehow I read this entire thread yesterday but did not reply
  13. Happy Birthday Chris!

    Thanks all! Had a great dinner at Komi (Michelin star well deserved). Today I have been stuck with the kids because my wife's work is open. Was OK but not at all relaxing. Now the main water line outside has started pouring water out so I'm guessing we'll have a shut down street for a bit. Supposed to take the whole family to dinner but I'm no much in the mood honestly. Hopefully I perk up. Cheers again all for the well wishes.
  14. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Congratulations Jacob and good luck Steve Me: got a HDMI 2.2 to HDMI 1.6 converter and finally got 4K streaming on my TV (specifically my soundbar does not support HDCP 2.2 though the TV does)
  15. HC Bike/Cycling Thread

    ^ Too true Juan. I'll get in a run and bunch if fishing instead though so not too bad a fall back.