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  1. So Titanfall 2 is taking off? Tell me more.
  2. It's a M3. It's not a classic car. I guess it's a collectable car for a reason I do not understand.
  3. How old is your BMW?
  4. If I'm not going to track it or autocross why should I upgrade? The ST gets over the speed limit very quickly just fine.
  5. Happy birthday Mike!
  6. I've decided that adjustable rear dampers and full on (dot legal) race rubber for autocross next season is a much cheaper and pretty much the same level of fun.
  7. No ride here yet. Got a final price today to decide if it is worth it to me to get it now. By far the most I've ever spent on a car. Almost twice the cost of the ST (though it does include winters in that)
  8. I took pictures this time. I expect they will just send me a new unit but who knows.
  9. I sent my new fish finder back to the manufacturer for the second time after receiving it back "no issue found". It thew an error on the first load, had screen damage, and the memory map card got stuck in it and would not eject.... They better fix it this time [emoji35]
  10. I may take Brent's Goo-d advice if we don't end up getting the expanded lake house we are looking at. Why waste a little money when you can waste a lot.
  11. When Brent is offering it it's pronounced "goo"-d because nothing he does is ever good (except his children)
  12. The fact that Brent thinks this is a good idea is giving me real concerns about this idea.... 3 years with the ST doing a few performance driving classes until I get the STI/RS is definitely the logical thing.
  13. Dammit I just remembered that I took a picture of it a while back (hence the Christmas bow) Still sitting there with 7 miles on the odometer....
  14. Sorry to hear about your son Sam. Sounds like no fun at all