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  1. Nice! That watch is way cool. And yes I do remember that bus, and my ignorance. I'm loving the double number system on the GS so I can set the inner ring to GMT and change time zones quickly with the outer. Used it yesterday to allow me to set CET and keep track of when bike races are estimated to finish. My wife's watch should be here Wednesday.
  2. Happy birthday!
  3. Grilled chicken marinated in BBQ sauce overnight. First grilling of 2017. So tasty
  4. I saw a few posts saying this stuff was even more gentle. Worked great for me.
  5. That really sucks Juan. OEM glass is expensive but very good. That said I've done Safelite twice and been happy (though I did have an issue they needed to fix one time). Just make sure that they are giving you glass with the same blacked out areas, and transition pattern. I should remember the real name for that black application because I read an article about it a few weeks ago but I don't.
  6. Wheel selection is limited for 17x8 with 48mm or 55mm. Bunch of people run the Moda MD18 in GS and like it. I talked to Brian for a price on the OZ but he's not cost competitive and would not be able to mount the rubber (shipped from separate places). So mounting would be on top.
  7. Nope but you can dip it in glitter
  8. So I'm waiting to hear back from the insurance on my diminished value claim. The valuation came back at $2.7k but I doubt they will give me that. I'm hoping they give me enough to pay for some autocross upgrades. My dilemma is do I get the ridiculously light OZ Ultraleggera or do I get Moda MD22 and Koni adjustable dampers for the rear (not available for the front). The tires will be Bridgestone RE-71R which are the kings of Autocross.
  9. After doing some reading I decided to give Mother's Mag and Aluminum Polish a try to see what it did for that micro scratch. I figured it was $6 and a spare link. Turns out, that in the intervening wearing between ordering and arrival, I had put a 2 fairly visible scratches in the mirror ring between the bezel crystal and the face crystal. I rubbed them with the polish for 3 applications with the tip of my finger for maybe 10 seconds each time and they are now basically invisible. Very happy with the outcome. Don't think that I will continue to do this but but I am happy to have my shiny newness back for a few days.
  10. Happy birthday Dan!
  11. Both of those transducers are so close to ideal performance wise I'm guessing with a bit of EQ(using IRF) they can sounds like each other quite happily. Man I want to hear the Utopias. Maybe someone will bring a pair to Capital Audio Fest and I'll actually make the trip there.
  12. ^ Oh crap I just emailed him for a price on some race rubber
  13. Chanel will not arrive for probably 3 weeks, they said 8-10 days to get to them before even shipping it from Switzerland/Italy. We'll get the pics when it arrives. Crappy phone picture: Got it sized no problem though I may have put a microscratch on the side of one or more of the spare links. Plan to wear it a lot so I'm not going to worry about it. Tried to post a video of it running with the second hand sweeping but Tapatalk wasn't cooperating. Lume shot:
  14. Yeah I bought it in undergrad and when we moved into this house there was a weird switch controlled plug in the master. It ended up there because it fit. I think we've used it 4 times in 2 years and 2 of those times were to explain what it was to the kids. Your mentioning it reminded me of the uselessness of having it out. Just retired it and bought a Tiffany style lamp to go there:
  15. Happy Birthday!