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  1. I have just ordered a set of replacement foamies from amazon as well. There are two types. One for the ER6i and one for the ER4. Here is a link to the two. They do look the same but I checked the other day as I have an old set of ones for my old er6's and they are different to the ones that came with my 4's! ER6i's (ER6I-14F) Etymotic Research, Inc. - ER-6i Accessories ER4's(ER4-14F) Etymotic Research, Inc. - ER-4? earphones There is also one for the ER6(ER6-14F) The ER 6 ones are noticeably different but the ones for the 6i's and 4's look very similar, the difference from what I can see is the 6i's have a smaller diameter bore in the plastic core. Could this be the problem you have? Just noticed, when you click the 4 link click on accessories.
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