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  1. Grilled pizza tonight, complete with homemade dough. COVID home living has got to be good for something.
  2. ^^ My guess is that to get to the Yemeni he's got to clear some of what he already has listed. It's spendy but I'll try to slide an order this guy's way, Dan. I'm nervous what the shipping is going to be for glass bottles of coffee beans. EDIT - in case anyone is curious, it's about $8 to ship 2 bottles (1lb).
  3. RIP Kenny Cause every hand's a winner, And every hand's a loser, And the best that you can hope for Is to die in your sleep.
  4. Happy Birthday, Al! Cheers to a fantastic day and that life will return to normal in the shortest of timeframes. I shall raise a IIPA in your honor tonight!
  5. Well frick, as someone with a less-than-a-year-old Air, that kinda stinks. I don't have much to complain about with the current model that I do have but more storage is MOAR better and I am not a huge fan of the keyboard. I've already had one key go sticky which thankfully some compressed air fixed, but the feel of it is far from ideal.
  6. We got a touch of snow here Tuesday but nothing that stuck. It has been a seriously weak winter in that regard. Thankfully the mountains got enough for productive skiing but I've been able to see grass for most of the "winter" which is kind of sad. It's currently 38 and rainy, which is just about the worst kind of weather in my opinion.
  7. Yesterday I managed to escape from work for the day and go enjoy the outdoors with some coworkers.
  8. Ooooohhh bread subscription, YES PLEASE.
  9. Thanks everybody, it was a good day.
  10. This discussion of drivers that get hurt by their cars reminds be of my trip home from a basket ball game this weekend. We were on the interstate, in heavy traffic, going along at maybe 30mph. I saw a guy in a Shelby GT500 a few cars up and a lane over. A gap opened in front of me and I flashed him to let him know he could move over if he wanted. He spiked it a little and the back end stepped out 6" or so before he backed off with a noticeable shimmy that we'd call a tank slapper in the motorcycle world. He still moved over and I'd wager he was looking for a clean pair of shorts but there was no more shenanigans from him for the 10 miles or so that I followed him.
  11. Al is home safely and with crockpot chicken pot pie on the menu I decided that some risk to global calamity was acceptable.
  12. Happy Birthday, Craig! Here's to hoping that you have an enjoyable, but not overly-rhymed birthday!
  13. Biscuit change is real. Here we've had a winter that never arrived. We have had a little snow, and some cold temps, but it's 1MAR and most of the animals think that spring is here. The birds are already back and with rain last week there's zero snow cover. I don't know that the ground ever properly froze this year. It will be interesting to see how bad the insects are this year after such a mild winter. Regarding coronavirus and travel, I've had to fly three times in the last 6 weeks and there have been plenty of folks with masks on and CDC announcements in the airports. It all seems a bit much, really. Yes, it has a higher mortality rate than the standard flu and given the prolonged incubation containment is complicated. I suppose we'll see how it spreads around the globe since that is all but inevitable and having just read Stephen King's, The Stand, maybe I'm desensitized to the idea of the flu as an apocalypse?
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