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  1. The family certainly agreed. I think I could have done better so I'll just have to do another round sometime soon.
  2. Nice! I took leftovers from Thursday's brisket and made brisket tacos.
  3. Sorry for your loss Jeff. While 92 is a great run it is still doesn't sit well with me that COVID was the cause. I'll raise a toast in Dorothy's honor shortly.
  4. This may be the worst of what 2020 has to offer given the lasting impact this could have on our highest court.
  5. I'd do a spin down calibration via the Tacx software, something isn't right there.
  6. Completely agree. I work quite a bit harder riding on Zwift than I do on the road, unless I'm going nearly all-out on the road.
  7. A very happy birthday to my second-favorite Andrew. Sorry, the little man wins there, tall man. Here's to hoping the air up there is breathable and that the staff at the old Rancho is taking care of you today.
  8. FAKE NEWS! Nice riding, Dan, you are racking up the miles.
  9. Trump did say he was going to bring back coal...
  10. When I first looked at the route on Strava I was like, "No way there is that much climbing." I was wrong.
  11. The ride was surprisingly not flat. No huge hills but lots and lots of rollers - way more than I expected frankly.
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