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  1. Good luck, Jacob. It's past time something broke your way.
  2. Happy belated, David!
  3. No, his name is Shawn. I've had relatively few flats in my time in the saddle and hope the trend continues.
  4. Jeff, Have you check to make sure that the rim tape is intact? I had a friend get something like 6 flats in 15 miles due to an issue like that. He eventually just threw his bike in the woods and walked away - he did go back and get it later...
  5. Happy Birthday, Kerry!
  6. Good lord NO! Abe's has been a train wreck for as long as I can remember. I think the right choice at this point is to get something that'll work for the first year or so and upgrade when budget permits.
  7. Went out for a quick spin on the MTB today on the trails behind my house. A neighbor pointed me to a new section, which is a hoot. Good news is that the test of the 1x10 conversion that I had done last week went without a hitch.
  8. My 2c Stretch, similar to Brent and the G-man, buy a decent TV you know you can use somewhere else in the house for now and have the LG ordered so it can be installed as soon as it's available. I've seen places online that say it isn't going to be back in stock until late August (see Dell for example) so make sure the spare is something worth buying since you're likely to be living with it for a while. I'm stuck in a similar, but different boat. Basically most of the TV's that replaced the 2016 versions that I'm interested in are way more expensive with not much (if any) real improvements. And most in the price range (65" sub $2k) seem to suffer from pretty catastrophic viewing angle issues. The best bet right now is probably the Vizio P series or a refurb M-series from last year for stupid cheap (Wallyworld has them for $599 or something close). #firstworldproblems
  9. My 2c, I ditched my iPad nearly a year ago and rarely have looked back. About the only time I want a tablet is when I'm on a plane and it's during those brief moments when the flight staff won't allow for the use of anything other than "portable electronic devices". I've started transitioning to using my phone in those times to further eliminate the use case for a tablet and the past two times I've traveled it's worked well enough. #firstworldproblems
  10. Here's to hoping Stretch cheaps out, then. Otherwise my fat fingers are writing checks my bank account can't back up.
  11. That was supposed to read CAN'T, not can.
  12. Great question. A few months ago the choice was easy. The outgoing Sammy was both reasonably priced (~$1300 for 65") and well reviewed. This year's model is neither of those, so far anyway. The Sony XBR (which comes in second in Brian's link) is a front runner but it's a bit more than I'd like to spend at this point. That could work, if such a thing exists. Otherwise I can guarantee that I can hang with Sir Stretchy Stretch is turns of television opulence.
  13. I'm getting ball-achingly close to pulling the trigger on a TV. Not sure what you're planning for a front end, Stretch, and where, but for me I ended up using a pair of these to route cables out of sight. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004Q7F030/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. Happy Birthday!
  15. Steak just came off the grill and into the oven (in the cast iron skillet). Shrimp and home-grown asparagus will go on shortly.