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  1. Happy belated, Jim. I’m still catching up on time changes so technically in my brain it may still be your birthday!
  2. Knew I was going to miss this thread yesterday while traveling so sent a text direct, but still wanted to post here. Happy birthday, Stretch.
  3. That's a wrap on 2022's event. Summary - it was a beautiful, but very hot/humid day in VT. Temps at the start were in the high 50s (compared with low 40s last year) and climbed to well over 80 w/ feels-like temps approaching 90 by noon. Still, a ton of fun was had by the team - 8 of us - and the 5 that did the century all survived and had some measure of fun along with the suffering. Thanks in no small part to this bunch, the team raised over $28k and the event raised just shy of $1M. I really can't say thanks enough for the incredible generosity of this place.
  4. In Vt. Ride kicks off at 0730 tomorrow morning and I’ll try to post some progress pics.
  5. Love my new to me 1030, couldn't swing all the way up to the 1040.
  6. Happy birthday to you, Jimmy!
  7. Will this keep them from immediately falling out of my ears when I try to talk, chew gum, yawn, etc?
  8. I'm with you Peter, my French Press game is like 4 steps. 1. pour coffee in. 2. pour water in. 3. stir like crazy. 4. press. Seems to make pretty damn good coffee with minimal sludge assuming I don't f it up w/ the wrong grind or let it brew for like 10 minutes.
  9. I'm so sorry for your loss, Steve. Life can be downright brutal at times. And fuck cancer.
  10. Looks awesome to me. I mean you could add a logo of some kind if you come up with some artwork? I’m not 100% clear on where the required blue LED goes.
  11. This thread has been entirely too dormant. Got invited over to a friends for BBQ, couldn't go for various reasons. Decided to solve the problem myself. Unpictured, rack of ribs, pictured, 4lb pork butt. Cooked it to 180 internal before wrapping to try to get more bark/flavor and decided to try beer instead of apple juice this time in the wrap because, well, I was drinking.
  12. Last major training ride in the books this morning with one of my teammates. Set out to do 25-30, weather was so nice I ended up doing 46.
  13. Arcade Fire - WE I know I'm late to the party here, but there are parts of this that just hit the nail on the head.
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