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  1. n_maher

    Happy Birthday Skullguise!!

    A very happy birthday to you, Todd! Stay away from MA as long as you can, the weather here is nuts.
  2. n_maher

    The Headcase Stax thread

    Semi-random help request - anyone still have the original Exstata setup and adjustment instructions? I went searching last night and haven't been able to track them down yet. Thanks in advance.
  3. n_maher

    HDTV Suggestions

    Ouch! That's way too fast for TV failure in my book. I bought a 5yr in-home warranty with my Sammy two years ago. Haven't needed it yet.
  4. n_maher

    Fuck in snow

    3-5" predicted for tomorrow night into Monday. At least the car is ready.
  5. n_maher

    Which Cooking Are You?

    Peter, My 2c - for pork, yes I use brown sugar in my rubs. For beef, no, I only use salt and pepper. I might feel differently about a marinade, depending on the flavor that I was going for but I generally don't do my own marinades for any non-mexican dish and again, in those regardless of meat, I don't use sugar. Citrus juice absolutely, but no added sugar.
  6. n_maher

    Happy Birthday Bryan!

    A very happy birthday to you, Bryan!
  7. n_maher

    What Are You Building Today

    For the record, if there's something that you want engraved/etched, just let me know. I'm happy to have a go at it and see if it's capable.
  8. n_maher

    What Are You Building Today

    Oh I didn't buy it Kerry, I just have access.
  9. n_maher

    What Are You Building Today

    Dremel DigiLab LC40. Not cheap ($6k) but work needed something UL rated that wouldn't let people kill/blind themselves. https://digilab.dremel.com/products/lc40-laser-cutter
  10. n_maher

    What Are You Building Today

    The laser has been successfully tested with logos from work. Each of those is about 2" across so the level of detail that can be achieved is (at least in my opinion) impressive.
  11. n_maher

    Happy Birthday JP!

    Happy Birthday, Nums! Don't be such a stranger.
  12. n_maher

    Happy Birthday Alex (screaming oranges)

    Happy Birthday!
  13. n_maher

    AudioByte Hydra Vox dac

    One might sense from the fact that you are the only one posting in this thread that there's little interest in this discussion. If anyone is curious, they can PM me to re-open the topic.
  14. n_maher


    Good reminder, I need to go stir/shake mine.
  15. n_maher

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    Started the day helping some neighbors build a work-around for a trail that an asshole neighbor decided to block despite it being a right-of-way. My buddy Jim got busy after I left and got the whole thing decked. So I got busy and made a sign for the new trail.