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  1. I’ll be more than a little curious to get the hard-core (or semi hard core) audiophile opinion of how these work. If they work as advertised and as intended, my read is that they’ll basically replace about 90% of the standard audio chain. Have a nice preamp? Don’t really need it any more. Nice DAC? Nope, don’t need that either. Amp? Shit, what is the point of all those McIntosh lights anymore… Brave new world if they work.
  2. Take a breath and stop issuing orders when you are not empowered to do so. I see nothing wrong with the posts here.
  3. I think we're done with this particular asshat.
  4. Thanks for granting permission? You think you have conditions to the suggestion that you should go elsewhere? Your "if you are a man" bullshit is tiresome. If you think we're interested in your 1,000+ word missives about what you think, what you won't stand behind, what you will, etc., etc., ad nauseum, you are mistaken. No one asked you to join here or told we don't have a ToS because we don't need one.
  5. It's been a week and I am truly sorry to be late to this party. Happy belated birthday, Ari.
  6. Chili's would be so proud.
  7. Some people were whining in another thread that the Moderators here don't ever do any moderating. So I merged the two birthday threads.
  8. Making Mother's Day dinner for my family, my parents, and the in-laws. Brisket and ribs are looking good. This was earlier this morning.
  9. A very happy birthday to you, Shelly! I saw a math meme the other day and couldn't help but think of my favorite mathematician.
  10. I don't see anything here particularly worthy of moderation. Are there some posts that are approximately 10x longer than necessary? Sure, but that's nothing new.
  11. 1. I know this is a personal preference thing but I do not care for their chosen aesthetic. 2. Straight to cloud 7... What the? I think they meant cloud 9 but it still would be a bizarre statement to make about a headphone. The internets do have some references to cloud 7 but whatever. 3. I'm really hoping Justin didn't write this ad copy.
  12. If that continues, two words, Heated Clothing. While I'm generally with Steve and prefer heat to cold there is something truly awful about sitting and getting colder by the minute.
  13. Agreed. I especially like the comments that make a play out of T Bone.
  14. There's an edited reference for me? I wonder if the forum software is hiding them currently for non-admins.
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