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  1. Got up at 3:30AM to get to Boston to catch a plane. Next stop, left coast and the Navy Post Graduate School.
  2. Tomorrow's high - 45F. Today, not so much...
  3. Are you running a dehumidifier, Jeff? If not, might be worth trying to see if it helps even if it is unlikely to cure the issue. I know my shop, without the DH running, goes through huge swings of humidity. Given the heat/coldsink that most tools represent they attract condensation like crazy which is likely the cause of some of your rust problems.
  4. This thread goes dormant for too long. Winter has finally (sort of) arrived here in NH. We got enough so along with the rain to create some pretty rideable conditions. Had a blast out there for an hour or so today.
  5. A very happy birthday to you, Grahame! May it be filled with both the usual and unusual, if it strikes your fancy.
  6. Got the east coast ping pong table reassembled.
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