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  1. n_maher

    Happy Birthday Al!

    Happy Birthday, Al!
  2. n_maher

    Coffee Drinkers?

    This. I buy 2lbs every time I buy (to get free shipping) and it usually takes me around a month to get through both bags but I'm not going to pound coffee just to get through a bag faster. I grind the beans daily and prep in the French press. This is so much better than 90% of the coffee that I could buy on my way to work and less than 1/4 the cost.
  3. n_maher

    Colin is old now

    Happy Birthday, Colin!
  4. n_maher

    Fuck in snow

    You should send that to CanAm.
  5. n_maher

    Happy Birthday, Steve!!

    Happy Birthday, Steve! Here's to hoping the day is filled with stuff you love.
  6. n_maher

    CanJam NYC 2019 (February 16-17, 2019)

  7. n_maher

    Fuck in snow

    We've gotten around 4" so far today with a bit more predicted over night before it turns to ice and rain tomorrow. Should make for a giant mess of the morning commute. By Friday it's supposed to be in the low 50s. WTF?
  8. n_maher

    Fuck in snow

    I can see a single picture now, which I'm guessing is the "after".
  9. n_maher

    Which Cooking Are You?

    Now Taco Pie.
  10. n_maher

    Which Cooking Are You?

    Earlier - breakfast empanadas.
  11. n_maher

    Happy Birthday Jeff (VPI)!

    Happy Birthday, Jeff!
  12. n_maher

    What Are You Building Today

    I think you should carefully consider how disappointing it would be to tear it down, rebuild it, and then find the same problem still exists since you didn't bother to try to trace the source this time.
  13. n_maher

    What Are You Building Today

    As the others have said, I'd try getting the xfmr out of that box entirely to see if it helps. If it does, welcome to the fun of a 2 box solution and the complications that go along with that.
  14. n_maher

    RIP some fuck or another

    More of this.
  15. n_maher

    Happy Birthday Absorbine_Sr!

    Happy belated birthday, Mike!