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  1. I meant to say something earlier, but if you let me know what size piece of glass I can see if it'd fit in the laser and we could have a go at etching your logo into it for enhanced fancy.
  2. I'd say router, so that you can put a finished edge on any of the exposed pieces of wood. Which really means that you need both a router and a bunch of router bits. I'm with Naaman, baltic-birch.
  3. I was thinking this and one does look a little domed in some of the pictures.
  4. Agreed, but this was at 350F and it was at 172 internal before I got it off the grill. Not horribly high, but the hope was to pull it at no more than 165 since it would continue to rise a bit.
  5. Happiest of birthdays, Bryan!
  6. Did a bone-in turkey breast on the Traeger today because life required more turkey. I cooked it just a little long (was not at home when the temp probe fired) and it was still moist and juicy on the inside.
  7. Success! The Loadout (went highish-end again this year, because d-_-b) Should be ok by Xmas
  8. How unflat? It wouldn't be all that surprising to find a wall 1/8" out of flat in say 4' or so but not more than that.
  9. I procured some but not all of the necessary supplies yesterday, I'll address remaining requirements tomorrow.
  10. This thread needs more bread. Annual "roll making" complete. Far from perfect but they'll do.
  11. Agreed, even the half batch that I did last year was on the side of too much.
  12. Same - if nothing else it's a good excuse to stock the liquor cabinet for winter.
  13. I would not bet against this man.
  14. Too hungry, no pics, was delicious.
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