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  1. Happy birthday!
  2. Congrats, Kevin.
  3. Not true anymore, Dan, at least with some units. The Bosch unit that we just had installed in the addition is reasonably efficient down to -15F and provides both heat and AC.
  4. Pork nachos.
  5. Grilled cheese for dinner...
  6. http://www.saddlebackleather.com/front-pocket-thin-wallet This might work.
  7. Me too. First time I've owed anything in a long time.
  8. While your source may be excellent your amplifier is ill-suited to lots of things given it's high output impedance. Maybe the Utopia's are one of them? The quality of the tube you have in there isn't going to help with that, either. And one person posting an opinion that isn't the direct mirror of yours is hardly the equivalent of anti-vaxer behavior. I don't know what axe you're trying to grind here but it's a huge bummer.
  9. Beef brisket burgers just hit the grill.
  10. Happy Birthday!
  11. I might have a friend that'd be interested. I'll check her when she gets back from travel on Monday. Shoot me a PM with what you'd be looking for.
  12. Happy Birthday, Al. Raising a cloudy NE IIPA in your honor tonight.
  13. This.
  14. Nicely done! So jealous. It'll probably be 10+ years before I get to ride again, assuming they still have motorcycles at that point.
  15. Happy Birthday!