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  1. Condolences Chris and Jimmy, take solace where you can and seek refuge in the company of friends as much as possible. Life can be brutal.
  2. Who cares? Make some fun stuff, or find a local wood nerd to come take a look if you’re worried about making a cutting board out of poisonous wood.
  3. Got the repaired rear wheel back so as long as you can forgive non-matching spokes, all is well. It was a pretty epic day out on the trails, sadly i only had about an hour.
  4. A very happy birthday to you, Peter.
  5. So much progress with this refresh and then they go and put a fucking notch in a laptop display? I literally don't have words for that. How this is in any way, shape, or form better than a slightly larger top bezel is beyond me. My currently laptop has 5/16" bezels and they look plenty small to my eye and in no way objectionable and houses enough crap in the top section to support windows hello (or whatever they call it) pseudo facial recognition for log-in purposes.
  6. I'll start a new thread for this at some point but the Surface Laptop Studio (henceforth SLS) is here and is a pretty impressive device. Not sure I'd be happy to pay retail for it but yay work for ponying up. I've already played with the whiteboard app a bit and it's pretty neat. More follow but enough thread clogging for now.
  7. Fall has finally arrived. So chili (no pic) and cast iron skillet cornbread.
  8. October is being rather un-Octoberish. It was 70 and sunny today, so I took advantage. Bike is in mullet mode for now after catching a stick last weekened and snapping six spokes in the primary rear wheel. Definitely handles a little weird with the 27.5 on the back and 29 on the front but was better than nothing for sure.
  9. At $150 for 3lbs of coffee I'd say yes, you've got it pegged at excessive. Still, I'm sure it'll be a fun experiment.
  10. One of the next-door neighbors brought back croissants from Paris (not kidding) and insisted that they be used within 24hrs. Challenge accepted. Bacon, fried egg, and cheese sandwich complete.
  11. Work is affording me the opportunity to try this: Lot's to both like and maybe not like about it but given that it isn't my financial risk I figured why not? It had to be a Win-based machine and for mobile presentations and marking up submittals/schedules/etc. it could be a game changer.
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