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  1. n_maher

    Happy Birthday acidbasement!!

    Happy Birthday Iain!
  2. n_maher

    Happy Birthday CarlSeibert!

    Happy Birthday!!
  3. n_maher

    Happy Birthday Iron_Dreamer!!

    Happy Birthday, Peter!
  4. n_maher

    Which Cooking Are You?

    You cooked??!?! What kind of dowdy kitchen man are you?
  5. n_maher


    I'm afraid of the consequences of fucking it up. Seriously. That and I showed the recipe to Maura and she just looked at me.
  6. n_maher

    What are you EATING right now?

    Chili is in the crock pot, cornbread just came out of the oven.
  7. n_maher

    What are you EATING right now?

    I turned yesterday's leftover 45-day-aged top sirloin into breakfast.
  8. n_maher

    HC Bike/Cycling Thread

    Yeah, I knew it was a whore when I bought it, but at least it was a cheap whore (relatively speaking). I know what I want, I can't afford what I want. (Scott Genius)
  9. n_maher

    HC Bike/Cycling Thread

    Connection w/ Cannondale is gone - she was a clothing designer for them and they canned/outsourced the entire department 5 years ago. 2012 Cannondale Jekyll 3 - fork is a Fox Talas 32, rear shock is a Dyad RT2. Replacement options are insanely limited and expensive if replacement is required. Stupid non-standard fork diameter and pull shock for the rear. I looked at replacements and the fork alone for anything close to what's on there now is $600 to $1000. Rear shock appears to be $1000. Woof.
  10. n_maher

    HC Bike/Cycling Thread

    First estimate in, minimum $300 to service/upgrade the fork, not including shipping it to the nearest service center in NY. My mechanic also recommended servicing the rear shock, which is at least another $200. Plus I need a new chain, front sprocket, and cassette. All in, I'm probably looking at $700 + some labor to reassemble it, all to be riding pretty outdated tech. I don't like that math, but I'm not sure I dislike any more than $3k+ to replace it. #firstworldproblems
  11. n_maher

    RIP some fuck or another

    Condolences to you and your family, Craig. RIP Sue.
  12. n_maher

    HC Bike/Cycling Thread

    I may see how much my local guy would charge to do that - i couldn't tell you the last time it was serviced.
  13. n_maher

    HC Bike/Cycling Thread

    Ouch, Ken, sounds painful. Had a couple near crashes this morning but nothing serious thankfully.