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  1. more than stated budget... budgets are always flexible. But the need for another amp that may kill me off. I may try the fostex 50 vanilla to see what they are like.
  2. ok I will use the search button.. but its boring. As a side note.. how much are the thunderpants!
  3. guns explosions violence... looks like you are stuck in 80's sitcom mode.
  4. jesus f!!!!ng christ $1600.. way to rich for my blood - looking for some about
  5. well do I ignore the "grumpy old gits" or do i try and reply with some witty retort? JH16s.. off to google. Never heard of em! result already.
  6. just found this forum searching for reviews on hfi 780.. great forum straight talking love it! guess I need to look for something other than 780's.. feel like I have just awoken from the Matrix that is head-fi cans.. needs bass (primary use - driven by av reciever hk avr255 watching mens films), comfort, easily driven, movies. UK. Straight enough? Have tried... senn 650,595,grado 80,dennon 5000, ath 1000,beyer 770,akg701/702
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