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  1. Yea, I'd imagine it took a reshell so the price seemed reasonable. Still would rather it have lasted longer than that before requiring any repair though.
  2. I sent my 13's back after roughly 1.5 years of use due to the mid driver on my left unit not working. I asked what happened and they said moisture damage. Paid $155 including shipping both ways for the repair.
  3. Just got my JH13Pro's in today and loving them. I've been using IEM's for a few ears but inserting these customs feels like ear rape...
  4. laxx


    So many of my friends are getting into watches these days. One just picked up a ceramic Hublot Big Bang and another got a Patek Annual Calendar 5936...
  5. laxx


    Damn, 8" wrists. So many watches are unwearable for me because I have 6 1/4" wrists...
  6. laxx


    The 1st pic retails for $84,000 I think. It's something one only dreams about. I'm a huge fan of the Lange 1 (2nd pic), but when I held it in hand, a lot of the appeal just vanished. I don't think I like the platinum version, looks dull.
  7. laxx


    I went to the Lange event a few months back. It was awesome to be able to see their collection and try everything on. But now it's the only watches on my mind and I'm no where near able to afford one of them. Sometimes I wish I didn't go, but other times it gives me the drive to work harder so that I can afford one one day. Here's 2 pics I took with my phone (wish I brought my camera).
  8. laxx


    Thanks for the info! I was curious to what grawk was referring to as the watch I posted has the 8400 movement.
  9. laxx


    What's better about the 2500d? I know it's thinner and in the regular Seamaster, I wanted that for some time too.
  10. laxx


    Still wanting to pick this up badly. It's a bit thicker than I would like but damn I liked the way it looked when I saw it in person.
  11. Yea I paid for them yesterday and didn't really know what to expect until I actually read the site. It's just much longer than I expected. ACS is a few avenues from my office and I thought about going there to try out their line since it only takes a few days to make but I'm kind of lazy and don't feel like going there.
  12. Hot damn, 30-40 business days... That's a pretty ridiculous wait.
  13. Going with the JH 13 Pro's. Plugged them into my Stello DP200 and now they are really singing. Tight controlled bass with the clarity I was hoping for. Glad I took them home to demo.
  14. laxx


    Though I did really like the Silver Snoopy edition Speedy. http://www.omegawatches.com/baselworld-2015/en#!speedmaster-silver-snoopy-award
  15. laxx


    I saw that, but I already have a Speedmaster so wasn't looking for another chrono.
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