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    I am a cat person
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    MD/DC/VA area
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    Music, movies
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    Software Engineer/Programmer
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    Music, movies
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    Audio-Technica L3000,A950Ltd/Grado HP2,PS1/Sony MDR-F1/AKG K501,K271MkII/Beyer DT770 (several versions)/Fostex T50RP,T40RP/bunch o' others
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    Singlepower Supra++/SDS--...sort of; EarMax Pro
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    SACDMods-modded Denon 3910; M-Audio Sonica
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    Cables, of course

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  1. This is my impression of most Mozart in 7 words or less.
  2. I need a toolbox. Unfortunately I live in good ol' boy territory, so if I get the one I want, I'll probably get taken around back and...so I will just let y'all imagine:
  3. When I saw it didn't come in pink, I forewent. I can only take so much emotional trauma.
  4. The big difference between the first album and Candy-O is that they got a little more new-wavier. But it's still an insanely solid effort for That Difficult Sophomore Album.
  5. Yeah, when I mentally rewound the presentation, they kept comparing the M2 Ultra with the M1 Ultra, not the M2 Max. WANT.
  6. Citadel would have been better if the guy from Violent Night (the actor guy, not the Santa guy) was playing the male lead.
  7. M2 Max and M2 Ultra on the Mac Studio. My eyes are watering. WANTT! Oh, and on the Mac Pro, too. (cries)
  8. (in David St. Hubbins' voice) So you're not picturing it. You're picturing nothing. Contemplating the voidness...
  9. I got an ad for Vinyl Moon -- a curated vinyl mixtape of sorts. https://vinylmoon.co/
  10. I'm picturing that on some thinly sliced rye toast.
  11. Been reading a bunch of self-help books: The Four Agreements -- excellent! Highly recommended to everyone, spiritual or otherwise The Fifth Agreement -- in progress, but same Atomic Habits -- pretty great so far, we'll see if it sticks
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