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  1. Sounds like they handed him the card for best actress. And I thought the La La Land people handled it pretty well.
  2. Got a glimpse of them in the audience -- she's really tiny! And yeah, she looks really young. I didn't realize scientologists had gone into white slavery... That Charlize Theron/Shirley Maclean thing was really sweet, but now I want to see that movie!
  3. ? EDIT: Oh, wait, that was before she gave birth. Here, this appears to be from tonight:
  4. https://autism.bandcamp.com/album/film-noir post-rock/post-metal \m/ Will probably put on all my covet (math rock) tracks, as they're playing tonight, and the show is sold out, so I'm not going.
  5. Happy birthday! (party favour noise)
  6. Not sure we should be helping you with a forgery.
  7. I live in a hispanic-heavy neighborhood, so I would've thought they would've gone with the Spanish.
  8. Apparently I do not live in Chicharone nor ChicharrĂ³n country.
  9. No, they sell stuff cheap.
  10. Unholy carp, 5 years? Yeah, that's a really long time for a defect to show up. Planned obsolescence, perhaps?
  11. Lollers. Also: K-Mart is in trouble? Just selling cheap stuff ain't good enough any more?
  12. Looks great!
  13. Oh shit, you found the whole concert? Nice. I might have to watch that myself. And you're welcome. (I mentioned it in the live music thread.) You're in for a treat. I definiitely think they'll be your thing. Sorry you hadn't heard of them before now, but glad that's sorted. They have lots more videos on YouTube -- I think the entire Family Dinner album/DVD (lots of guest vocalists, my introduction to their signature jazz/R&B style) is on there, as well as their We Like It Here DVD. They like to record everything live. So many of those are what ended up on albums (including much of Sylva).
  14. I lollered. "...catapulted out of frame..."