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  1. Agreed. She's a favorite. Always has been. In fact, I think I'll listen to her now. Thanks for the indirect recommendation.
  2. Much obliged to both of you, thank you. I was fortunate while researching this topic to run across this page early, which explicitly calls out the NT-2a in the Mid-Side section at the end. This reinforced grawk's early response of not needing a stereo bar and just playing with mic placement, so I opted not to get a stereo bar, as I do have a boom floor stand as well as a boom desk stand, so I should be able to experiment with exactly that...once I clean up a little bit. (Kinda hard to put both in the same place, currently.) But it always helps to hear the explanation multiple ti
  3. Had some double-spicied chicken ramen from Sushi Jin's, it was delicious. Don't have room for the sushi, so leaving it in the fridge overnight. (I know, I should've eaten the sushi and refrigerated the ramen. Was hungry, wasn't thinking straight.)
  4. Okay, that makes sense. I read this thread: https://www.gearslutz.com/board/so-much-gear-so-little-time/510274-would-you-record-stereo-unmatched-pair.html ... and in the first post, the guy says he gets decent stereo with two completely different microphones. I just didn't want that "lopsided in the head" sound when listening back on headphones. Also in answer to the other question, I just don't like that "island in the middle of the head" sound, I just want it to sound slightly more natural when playing myself back.
  5. I want to buy a stereo bar for my unmatched NT-2A's -- anyone do much stereo recording? What's the best way? It looks like most would be able to use a standard stereo bar like the Rode SB-20 except for the Mid-Side technique. I assume not, but thought I'd ask.
  6. Oh, really? I didn't know that. LOL @ naive self.
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