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  1. So beautiful ... my entry point was Citizen of Glass, so I like her older stuff and her newer stuff in the same way that I like older Tom Waits and newer Tom Waits.
  2. Fucking hell! #fuckcovid19
  3. Whoa, You can now purchase on Amazon Prime on iOS. I am so fucked. The only reason I saved money up until now is that I’m too lazy to buy on one platform and watch on another. Thinking about Killing Eve. Any other recommendations? Unrelated: started Happy season 2.
  4. Was listening to the new album by Crane Wreck, The Crane in Wane Falls Gainly on the Dane, because I love Debussy, will put on the Ghostses next.
  5. A British friend of mine (whose ears I trust more’n my own: ”See if you can find the time to hunt down something called and Innuos (even the Mini is stunning) you will honestly never want to listen to music stored anywhere ellse again. it's a unique music server - I get to sell loads, and listen to them both at home and work. the 'Statement' is a beast, but oh my! I control it via iPad and an app called ipeng. Utterly sublime.” Probably falls into Brooklyn territory. My personal solution has to be a computer, because Bandcamp, HDTracks, Tidal, etc.
  6. Check your spam folder Me: instrumental metal: https://liquify.bandcamp.com/releases
  7. Correction: I only have their first four albums. So created a playlist in Tidal of all their albums. In the meantime, enjoying The Evpatoria Report, some really pretty, tantric post-rock.
  8. That’s an interesting choice of room treatment.
  9. That’s the one of theirs I don’t have, will give it a listen, thanks! But first, finishing listening to Rustin Man’s (formerly of Talk Talk) new album and previous album, Clockdust and Drift Code.
  10. Weekly goulash, soon to be twice weekly.
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