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    I am a cat person
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  1. Happy birthday, Jim! (party favour noise)
  2. New Nils Frahm -- Sounds for Animals 3+ hours of music, that all sound vaguely like sequels to "Says" that aren't meant to sound like sequels, so aren't. I'm in heaven!
  3. v10044g50000cci4dvbc77u70ve25n5g.mp4 Remember Be forewarned: I'm the guy who thinks the baby-burping machine is the height of hilarity.
  4. I love her so much. I used to sing along with her so much, I could probably cover Winter Kills, All Cried Out, This House (except I need to work on those high "oo-oo"'s) and...uh...I forget the fourth one. I have everything from Steal Me Blind through Where Hides Sleep memorized, is probably any of those. It's always 4 songs -- 4 by Black Sabbath, 4 by Blue Oyster Cult, 4 by Golden Earring...yeah yeah I know, my boomer is showing. 🤪
  5. The ones on the left look like finger peppers. I have no idea what the ones on the right are: https://www.pepperscale.com/round-peppers/ Also: noice! A man after my own heart. ALL THE PEPPERS! Gotta try 'em all...
  6. Afghan Whigs, How Do You Burn? -- freakin' excellent! Rawx! Now I need to go back and relisten to the last couple albums, don't think I've listened to anything by them since 1965.
  7. Currently: New Beth Orton EP Yesterday: new Toehider -- freakin' fantastic! Single track album. Proggers, give this a listen. Also, new Holy Fawn (Shoegaze/metal) -- been waiting for this forever, newest favourite band. Vocals are more buried than any human body has ever been before. They have multiple reverb pedals (one guitarist has two; another has three), so it's expansive beyond measure.
  8. It's for me, whatever group that is. Obviously, the groups are ...
  9. Yum. I wish I could taste it. What peppers did you use to make it spicy? And did you use lime juice?
  10. Okay, I'm a fan, now. The music is CRAZY good.
  11. I autosugged myself, again. Had a nice little interaction with the woman, herself, on Facebook, so now listening to what will probably be my favourite album of 2022 and favourite recent discovery, Yaya Kim, a.k.a Yaya It's a bizarre album considering it's essentially art-pop -- 3 full length albums worth of material, more or less: CD1 (Trip-hop, Rock, Funk, Soul, Pop) CD2 (Nu-tango rock, Jazz) CD3 (World music, Crossover, Classic, Avant-garde) She does everything herself, including the videos.
  12. Happy birthday! (party favour noise)
  13. Sorry to be so dark, but... That didn't take long, did it? She made Liz Truss Prime Minister just two days ago, and now she's dead? Sus. In all seriousness, RIP Queen Elizabeth II.
  14. I'm totally going to make a satire of his French press video...which is entirely true. I embrace parts of that video, and do the opposite of others. I don't spoon off shit, I stir like crazy, I use distilled (does not taste delicious...but does not taste like anything, honestly) water, &c. My tagline: embrace the sludge.
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