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  1. I literally just read the words, "exploding fluffball" in Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop not less than an hour ago. Now I have an image to go along with that phrase.
  2. Despite it being "one of the oldest videos on the internet", I had never seen its sequel. (which is an associated video)
  3. Can't. Yeah, I would think you'd be able to find the older version -- the Music Streamer Pro -- for even cheaper, but I just took a quick Google, and only found the one for $399. It goes up to 96/24. Trying to remember what I did with mine...I'm horrible at sending people stuff, so I probably still have it somewhere. If you can find a used one of the HD for even less than $375, then yes, that'd be the way to go, I would think.
  4. I have one of the HRTs and use it daily, although I am getting deaf, so not sure if it's any good. I'm certainly happy with it. I also had its predecessor, although it didn't have standard TRS or XLR outputs, so I needed to get special cables made. I also have one of the Steinberg UR22MkII, with ADC and DAC made by Yamaha, I believe, but I use that for recording. The big difference with the MkII is the sample rate, I believe, so before you see the Mk1 for $75 and cheaper used and go out and buy one, you may want to look at its sample rate and make sure it is adequate for your needs.
  5. Sure there is: http://www.hirestech.com/product/?pid=116 I'm sure there are others, especially if you look at the pro market. (It also depends how big you want to go.)
  6. Happy birthday! (party favour noise)
  7. Phrasing!
  8. "Permafrost" was not the correct term, but the concept I meant to convey was that below 7 to 12 meters, the temperature stops changing and the ground can act as a heat sink (or cold sink, as it were).
  9. Burgers with a palm tree theme -- Hawaiian? Big Kahuna Burger?
  10. Sounds good. And yay for saving money and being greener at the same time. To others considering it as their primary source of heating and cooling: we were offered the "bury it in the ground" option, don't remember why we didn't do it (I think because the builder didn't want to, he was only offering it to be polite, but he asked while shaking his head subliminally or something), but in hindsight, we really wish we did. If that's an option, look into it. The basic concept is, it never gets below freezing once you get below the permafrost layer, which isn't really that thick. In which case, it can work as a primary system.
  11. Jonathan Demme Brilliant director of Stop Making Sense, IIRC
  12. When I was married back in the 90s, we had a house built with a heat pump, and ever since, we jokingly refer to it as a heat suck. I think the ex-wife has since made things better, but we constantly had to raise the temperature a few degrees higher than we actually wanted it, because when it was always on, the evaporative effect had to fight with the heat pump to keep one comfortable. But it was the primary source of heat, so hopefully it will work better for you as a supplement. And hopefully the technology has come a little way since then.