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  1. A bunch of Surya Kris Peters -- member of Samsara Blues Experiment (stoner) doing pastoral krautrock. Also: a bunch of Samsara Blues Experiment and Sasquatch. I don't know why I love stoner so much, considering I've never partaken (on purpose anyway). But I do.
  2. Happy birthday! (party favour noise)
  3. It's like Sour Grapes except classical piano music and no rich people.
  4. Was: Big Big Train, The Second Brightest Star -- sort of a companion album to Grimspound -- a much more intimate album, so intimate, I feel like it was recorded specifically for me. Also: lots of instrumental passages. Is: Somali Yacht Club, The Sun -- more excellent stoner To Be: Sasquatch -- yet still even more excellent stoner
  5. Reminds me -- I need to find my spare shoelaces for my Uggses.
  6. Pfff.
  7. Alright, will contact him directly.
  8. Everyone around here likes The Wine Dude (I think it's DOTU's alter ego -- get his email from DOTU). Also, Ojai Vineyard. (Do you really need anything other than a good Syrah?)
  9. Hasn't been able to log in, or hasn't been able to post? Because when I click on his username, it says his last activity was a week ago? Not being pedantic, just trying to get adequate information to help. Poor scoot.
  10. 4 great albums. I've been on a Fiona Apple kick lately, myself.... I still remember seeing her live for the first time, opening for Chris Isaak, looking 16 18 (I think she was), but having an old soul, like watching someone birthing a fully formed adult.
  11. I just ran across this guy (not literally) at my local Wegmans -- he's fantastic. He did this one thing where he put a capo up real high, set up a riff, looped it, moved the capo down but not off, set up another riff that harmonized with the first one, looped it, too, then played on top of those two guitars and sang. He has an amazing sense of groove and has a high, androgynous voice that was perfect for the songs he was singing.
  12. What was the one from about 18:00 on, where it sounded like she was singing something something "...pee" (I have to pee? On to pee?)
  13. Um...no. He wrote much of the lyrics, yes, but not all, and for example the over-arching concepts to Dark Side of the Moon, WYWH, and Animals, and the use of spoken words bits during the course of Dark Side of the Moon, and the whole theater-of-the-mind portion of "On the Run" were all joint efforts. The decision to make "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" about Syd was a group one. I could go on and on, but he didn't really forcefully take over as "musical director" until The Wall. When I say, 50% instrumental, it's more about time than it is about number of songs -- Animals may have 5 vocal numbers, but it is still 50% instrumental. And 50% is a very hand-wavy number -- I'm not saying down to the minute, but compared to most poprock music, there are great swaths of instrumental sections in their music. "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" is fairly obviously >50% instrumental.
  14. I'm finally getting around to listening to this. I actually don't think it sounds that much like classic Pink Floyd. I mean, the opening, sure, but mostly it sounds like classic Roger Waters. My favourite period of Pink Floyd was ~50% instrumental. and Roger...well, he never really shuts up, does he? I'm alright with that.