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    I am a cat person
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    MD/DC/VA area
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    Music, movies
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    Software Engineer/Programmer
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    Music, movies
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    Audio-Technica L3000,A950Ltd/Grado HP2,PS1/Sony MDR-F1/AKG K501,K271MkII/Beyer DT770 (several versions)/Fostex T50RP,T40RP/bunch o' others
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    Singlepower Supra++/SDS--...sort of; EarMax Pro
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    SACDMods-modded Denon 3910; M-Audio Sonica
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    Cables, of course

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  1. Happy birthday, Marc! (party favour noise)
  2. I've been bingeing on Ringo Sheena and Incidents Tokyo videos recently:
  3. Hey, did you ever see Voivod? I have come to the realization in the last couple years that I love Voivod inordinately much (more than Opeth, more than Gojira, more than Within Temptation, more than Epica,...not sure if more than Katatonia, though), and I just found out they were at 70,000 Tons of Metal in 2018, did you go that year and did you catch them? Just curious.
  4. I wish they enforced that “keep the box clear” law around here.
  5. The price is going to be...I hesitate to say, 'incalculable'...
  6. Mother Nature didn't call Miss Utility?
  7. Planet P Project, Pink World -- easily the most under-rated of all double-record concept albums. Very dated production, but the riffs rock. "Everywhere you look you can see his face." "It's a little like Santa Claus faded to pink." "We've got the cutest little cameras hanging everywhere oh yeah...after a while you just forget they're there oh yeah..."
  8. Happy birthday, Peter! (party favour noise)
  9. Happy birthday, Carl! (party favour noise)
  10. Happy birthday, IAIAIAN, or however it's spelled! (I really need a new set of glases.) (party favour noise)
  11. Sad for no pic of chili, but that shore is some nice looking iron skillet cornbread.
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