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  1. Agreed on both counts. He plays nice, too. Really enjoyed the music.
  2. Listening to some delicious Fender Rhodes by Marcin Grachowina: https://jazzijazzful.bandcamp.com/track/sad-frog
  3. Listened to a wide variety of Chopin's Preludes. Got a little...uh...feverish...towards the late afternoon.
  4. Alice Sara Ott, Echoes of Life -- largely Chopin's 24 Preludes, Op. 28, interspersed here and there with other short pieces. That album cover hurts my eyes, though. EDIT: Oh, wow, she (Ott) wrote a piece on this one, albeit based on fragments of Mozart's Lacrimosa.
  5. Stumbled across another option for you (potentially -- I don't know all your requirements): Roland Rubix 44 or 22.
  6. More Hiromi -- dang I love (and low-key miss) her use of synthesizers:
  7. Happy birthday, Todd! I hope you have a superblime day. (party favour noise)
  8. Happy birthday! (party favour noise)
  9. Hiromi Uehara, Spectrum solo jazz piano, I forgot how great this one in particular is. E.G., This is just so insanely great! I should also mention that it appears her entire back catalog (including personal favourites, Time Control, Brain, &c.) has been uploaded to streaming platforms Tidal and Spotify, so...yay!
  10. Yeah, that's all I ask any more, I don't have a favourite of anything any more (other than maybe for Schubert's 2nd Piano Trio), so just ask after worthy performances. Thanks, will give it a listen!
  11. Particularly good? Those are two of my favourite violin concertos (with the Mendelssohn), so I already have several favourite performances, won't bother unless you say it's worth listening. Me: Susumu Hirasawa's Beacon, first release in several years! https://digital.susumuhirasawa.com/album/beacon
  12. Happy birthday, amigo! (party favour noise)
  13. Brian Eno, Small Craft on a Milk Sea -- pacific ambient example:
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