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  1. Unrelated: Also listening to a lot of Piazzolla and Mats-Up is largely instrumental, so I've been listening to those as well.
  2. No, not really. "3." was just incorrectly placed, as I CBA to find the "therefore" symbol. I fixed it for you. (not entirely -- the indenting is still fucked up. ) She's amazing. I've seen her live. Pretty sure she has tied Alice Sara Ott and outpaced Hélène Grimaud as my favourite living pianist.
  3. Two things: Beato recently posted this video: I've been programming (in Go(lang) and Python), as well as taking a lot of video lessons in programming, so I need music without vocals, so... I've been listening to a lot of Yuja Wang.
  4. Yeah! Frost* are great! Please also feel free to check out Lonely Robot. Me: still obsessed with Mats-Up and Pinhas & Sons.
  5. "thigss"? But yeah, I get your point: whoopsie! Maybe I will try it, but I gotta finish this batch of Nando's-at-home right now.
  6. https://shop.wegmans.com/product/79051/wegmans-cook-in-bag-charlie's-english-style-curry-chicken-raised-without-antibiotics https://shop.wegmans.com/product/229735/wegmans-cook-in-bag-indian-style-butter-chicken-raised-without-antibiotics Who knows? I wasn't about to buy it to find out. And who's Charlie?
  7. I want to make a meme that says, something like: You can't spell Punxatawny Punxssatawnay Punxsatwany Punxsatawn without
  8. I was in Wegmans earlier today yesterday, and they had two cook-in-bag chickens: "butter chicken style curry" and "British style curry". WAT. I know Brits (and Anglophiles and such) love curry, but I didn't realize there was a distinctly British curry that was different from Indian curry -- are you aware, and can you explain it to me?
  9. Unrelated -- me: two new discoveries. First is big band-ish small ensemble, Mats-Up. Also, Pinhas & Sons -- Israeli nine-piece: Both of these are absolutely ace.
  10. This is hilarious. https://www.riffusion.com/?&prompt=stupid+jazz
  11. Wait, one more, and this one ... I don't know, I think I got a different CPU, maybe: https://www.riffusion.com/?&prompt=disco+with+lyrics+in+iambic+pentameter
  12. Dilated pupils == on drugs, or he loves you
  13. Dude, LOL, how stupid do you think I am? (Brent, shut up.) I didn't just click the link, I played around with it, tried a couple different phrases. It all sounds like music for people that hate music. https://www.riffusion.com/?&prompt=speed+gregorian+chant&denoising=0.75&seedImageId=og_beat https://www.riffusion.com/?&prompt=hip+hop+but+it+rhymes&denoising=0.75&seedImageId=og_beat https://www.riffusion.com/?&prompt=symphonic+prog+but+with+recorders&denoising=0.75&seedImageId=og_beat https://www.riffusion.com/?&prompt=funky+groovy+progressive+rock&denoising=0.75&seedImageId=og_beat https://www.riffusion.com/?&prompt=porn+music+for+introverts&denoising=0.75&seedImageId=og_beat Okay, I'm done. It all sounds the same.
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