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  1. I’d get the MSI, but I’ve stopped caring about screen resolution a while back, that’s hardly a demerit at all in my book. I’ve also owned MSI before, and would do so again.
  2. It’s very colourful, like an ad for film. Pretty.
  3. Swallow the Sun, "Plague of Butterflies" Because it's been a few months since I listened to it last Because the temperature has dropped precipitously Because
  4. What the fuck is wrong with you, Wish?
  5. Unholy carp, this is cosplay! More here: @adamae_dono on Instagram
  6. Brisket tacos are the best, I bet I would’ve enjoyed even your self proclaimed “less than better” tacos better than anything I could’ve put together. Me, now: green curry salmon, made from premade green curry soup (“just add protein”), added two Thai peppers and a small can of water chestnuts to increase the vegetable/meat ratio, over brown Basmati rice.
  7. We have a thing over here called “ladyfingers”. No-one thinks they’re fingers. Not even someone with the IQ of Brent.
  8. Condolences, Jeff. and yes, fuck Covid and fuck 2020
  9. The Main Squeeze on YouTube. @grawk may like them, if he hasn’t already heard of them, especially the Squeeze House sets. Joyous Sunday Jams. The guitarist in particular is amazing. Full quarantine set:
  10. https://porcupinetreeofficial.bandcamp.com/album/salford-1994 mostly instrumental space rock riyl 1972-1977 Pink Floyd
  11. Rest in power, RBG. I can only hope that your impact...oh, fuck it. (drinks) Fuck 2020
  12. Happy birthday! Maybe drink some extra special wine on this anniversary of your expulsion from yo mama’s uterus? (party favour noise)
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