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    I am a cat person
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    MD/DC/VA area
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    Audio-Technica L3000,A950Ltd/Grado HP2,PS1/Sony MDR-F1/AKG K501,K271MkII/Beyer DT770 (several versions)/Fostex T50RP,T40RP/bunch o' others
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    SACDMods-modded Denon 3910; M-Audio Sonica
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    Cables, of course

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  1. Happy belated, Kerry! Hope it was great. (party favour noise)
  2. Unrelated, I'm in the mood for Joss Stone, so I'm listening to Joss Stone.
  3. Frippertronics, Pink Floyd's Money loop, pretty much anyone with the brains and the creativity was drawn to looping, it seemed ... I had a friend (Mikroknytes) who had 3 other friends, and they each had a send to the next person in the square, and would effect (radically) the signal given to them, then pass it along. It was a brilliant performance. In fact, I was just listening to this track: ...and heard a very familiar sound in the background of the early part of the track -- someone was playing a Roland Space Echo on infinite loop.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/reel/946390917077513 This guy has a bunch of great reels.
  5. Finally started putting my guitars up on Reverb. Two purples and one pink, no lie. For those that want to follow along on the pre-emptive yurt emptying: Dusty Chalk's gear
  6. Purple AND Pink?!?!? HAWT. That said, I need a four wheel drive for my next car. Subaru don't even make one, even in the Wilderness trim. I'm not sure I need a four wheel drive over an all wheel drive with an independent suspension system, but that's what I'm looking for right now. My next place is going to be zoned RA, which means 2 miles of gravel and dirt roads and potholes that don't get filled for 9 months...maybe 13...until I even get to the boundary of my property.
  7. Voltron Data looks surprisingly like aquarium rocks.
  8. I'll be honest -- because they're so often lumped in with Babymetal, I didn't realize they played their own instruments. So they're more akin to Nemophila. But I will correct that. I will start paying much more attention to Band-Maid. And they have all* their albums on Spotify, just in case you're willing to "settle". 🙃 *I think. More than 1, anyway. The whole playlist is great.
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