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  1. I honestly enjoy watching people who know how to move. I've recently started following this guy: https://www.instagram.com/p/C5lqcMNJys8/ (itslavik on Facebook; itsslavik on Instagram)
  2. This is an actual transcription of a message I received from someone at Safford Brown Subaru named Mahi or Mahia or something, that started "Hey, this message is for Peter..."
  3. I find familiar music easier to listen to, because I remember what it was supposed to sound like. This is very antithetical to what I want to listen to, so ... cognitive dissonance. Just sayin'. Me, now: Yuja Wang -- she apparently did a 2.5 hour Rachmaninoff recital of all four concertos and the one Paganini Rhapsody. 2.5 hours of win. ...while wearing 4 different outfits. ...and a heartbeat monitor I think it would be dangerous if I was one of those audience members
  4. Sorry to hear your previous one got stolen. But glad you got a replacement to fill that Jeep-shaped hole in your heart.
  5. It was transparently snarky. Let's see if I remember it verbatim. "Tell Ethan Nate says hi. Not really, I'm just dropping his name. (But I do really know him.) Honey Badger => Sugar Weasel => Agave Opossum?" It got me a quality 13" Sugar Weasel upper in 300 Blackout and that's good enough for me. It really looks like an SBR now. Thunder Chicken is on layaway, will start the process tomorrow. Unrelated: I got new wheels for my car -- Sparco All-Terrain Gravels. Looking at (super cheap) properties that only have dirt and gravel road access. Also: not in Warren fucking "Let's Go Brandon" territory County.
  6. I got my first suppressor today (Huxwrx CA$H 9K). Next up, a Q Thunder Chicken (7.62) for my Sugar Weasel. (I purchased a 13" upper for my Q Sugar Weasel and dropped @n_maher's name, I hope you don't mind.)
  7. One of their few perfect albums. They usually do some scat based improv that I don't "get", but on Discipline, the weirdest they get is "Indiscipline", which is timeless. And side two, ohmigosh...just crazy good. Did you know Beat (Belew, Vai, Levin, and Danny Carey of Tool playing the music of King Crimson) are touring? I might have to go to that.
  8. Please don't ever change, Knucks.
  9. I learned that a law just passed the Virginia House and Senate that would make plastic firearms illegal. So, since suppressors are firearms under the guise of the law, phase 1 of my business plan is now felon-makingly illegal. FFFFUUUU...
  10. RIP the six road maintenance guys who were on the Francis Scott Key Bridge when it collapsed early this morning. Cold water, the drop, as well as the bridge collapse itself...all indications are that they did not survive.
  11. I wonder if they would double as musical instruments. (fart) (tweet)
  12. Happy belated! (party favour noise)
  13. Dusty Chalk


    You've probably heard the song, but I've not seen this particular "interpretive" video. Highly entertaining.
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