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    Your basic audiophile geek engineer. Have worked in and out of audio. I know which end of a soldering iron to hang onto.
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    Correlating measurements with subjective preferences. blind tests, ABX, audio nirvana...
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    Lots but favorites include Sennheiser HD590's Denon AH-D2000's, Ultimate Ear SuperFi 5 Pro's and others. Nothing uber expensive so far. Curious about Fischer FA-003's.
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    Does a Benchmark DAC1 Pre count?
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    Benchmark DAC1 Pre, Slim Transporter, lots of other gear portable, networked, and otherwise
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    Lots, want some? From DIY, to bargain, to high-end...way too much of it collecting dust at the moment.

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  1. Yeah, well, I figured that was coming. Looks pretty one sided taken out of context. But I'm not supposed to defend myself here. So I'll just lay here bleeding on the sidewalk while you all have your fun kicking the shit out of me. EDIT: And it's probably way too much ask... But if someone who gets some respect around here and understands the engineering side of things wants to read through that thread it might be useful to hear their opinion of the facts before I'm tried and hung.
  2. And, for what it's worth, I didn't start out to "attack Ti". I wrote up a an honest review, that included the good with the bad about the Mini3. I even said good things about the AMB website in general at the start of the review. And I concluded saying the Mini3 was a decent choice for many higher impedance cans. It was my hope someone might try to verify at least some of my findings, and Ti would say something like "oops, I guess I need to fix those numbers". That's a relatively happy ending for everyone. EDIT: Shortened by popular demand. The ending wasn't happy.
  3. I didn't say that. Just give me time. Part of the problem is my own budget. I can't afford to buy $1000+ gear for the sole purpose of exposing it as complete garbage. This isn't a business for me. Nobody's paying me. Manufactures generally don't like me. I don't even have any ad revenue. And, as was pointed out earlier, I'm just "some guy". So I'm testing more modest gear, for now, as it comes across my bench, or stuff I actually have a use for personally.
  4. I guess I have a soft spot for DIYers. Not only do I know ones who eat boxed Mac & Cheese most nights so they can save enough to build a 3 channel Beta22, buy they often invest hundreds of hours of labor into their efforts. If you buy a NuForce uDAC-2, and decide 10 dB of channel balance error sucks, you can just send it back. But you can't do the same thing with a Mini3. Even if you find a buyer, you're still out a whole bunch of time. So, to me, the DIY builders deserve more honesty than usual in making their choices. EDIT: And I sort of have a problem treating some people/vendo
  5. I'm genuinely open to suggestions. Tyll might have some input here, as he sort of does this stuff for a living? And, for what it's worth, I value Tyll's work a lot. Like I said, I'm all for more measurements even if I'm not the guy making them. They just need to be at least semi-correct. I'd love someone else to take over what I'm doing so I can retire my flack jacket. But just because AMB has a loyal fan club doesn't mean they're exempt from publishing reasonably accurate information. So how does one diplomatically tell someone a lot of their numbers and objective claims are BS when tha
  6. You really don't want me to answer that... Sound like a good plan, thanks.
  7. The E5 isn't without its flaws either, but it's generally the better measuring amp into typical portable headphone loads of 16 or 32 ohms. Into 64+ ohms the Mini3 has a clear advantage over the E5 but less so over the E7.
  8. I'm all for someone else running the same measurements. That's exactly what I'm trying to promote more of. Ok... here's where I risk being perceived as an "arrogant prick" trying to defend myself against the last several posts questioning my recent blog articles... let me try to be as factual as possible. This probably should be in a different thread but here goes... A lot of DIYers are "builders"--they simply build the supposedly proven designs of others. I believe those investing their time and money into someone else's DIY design might be interested in an independent objective eval
  9. Thanks. Just to be clear I wasn't trying to imply you are a manufacture who got it wrong just that I'm less than popular with a few that have. So my apologies if you took it that way. Mainly I was trying to ask if enough others share your view.
  10. Point taken. And thanks. Like I said, I'm still learning. It's never my goal to be closed minded, and it's rare that I'm trying to be an ass, but perceptions are everything and I clearly need to change my approach. Part of my problem here was assuming I was "in" when it's now crystal clear I'm still very much an outsider to this group.
  11. You're a manufacture here. I have no idea if that changes your view of me and my blog but it's no secret I'm into objective reviews of gear. In some cases, I've been less than charitable when manufactures get it wrong. And, as a rule, audio manufactures seriously dislike blind tests. So I'm sure some manufactures would love to see me fuck off and disappear. I'm trying to add more science to what's mostly a very subjective area. And, just like Peter Aczel didn't win any popularity contests, I don't expect to either. But I'm not trying to stir shit up just for the point of stirring it up.
  12. That makes sense. I was referring to say carrying a laptop around that needs help from a DAC. You plug the E7 into the laptop via USB, plug your headphones into the E7, and enjoy. Lots of people buy E7's (or uDAC-2's) to do just that. I really didn't understand your point so my apologies for the less than helpful response. It's a portable piece of gear, this is the portable forum, so I was assuming portable use.
  13. I've tried to contribute here and that's been, at best, a mixed bag. The start of this thread is a good example. I've tried sarcasm, which seems to be the preferred method of communication on Head-Case, and that's been a bust. And, I've tried standing up for myself but that just makes me a "contentious prick". Sure I get there's a double standard but the rest seems mostly random. I'm not so stupid as to think trolling of any sort is going to fly here--especially when I'm already not scoring many points. I was, and still am, entirely serious about a blind test. As Deepak said, it's a gre
  14. I'm an engineer. Hyperbole isn't even in our vocabulary. But we can still be useful. I'm just trying to "fit in" as advised. The question was rather open ended. How would you answer: Tyll seems like a good guy. I've got nothing against him at all. He seemed like an obvious choice but I'm open to others. My main goal here is to prove a point, not free publicity. Hits to my blog don't get me anything. Like you said, I'm just "some guy".
  15. If you review the last 4 pages of this thread, Tyll is the one being "picked on"? Really? What's with the double standard here? You all get to flip shit at me, ask me to grow a pair, but when I do, that's not cool either? It's not hypothetical at all. Denver. October 14th, 15th, or 16th. Pick the day.
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