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  1. I've found Roubaix rear derailleur hangers to bend easily. When I replaced mine it solved those type of niggling issues that tend to irk, and cause loss of rhythm. Unfortunately many mechanics do not know how to use, or are not fully competent with an alignment gauge. The upshot in they can't diagnose the issue.
  2. If it's any consolation pelvis/hip breaks seem more common on the road, with it's higher avg speeds and harder riding surfaces.
  3. Finally back after 4+ mo off the bike, and 3 mo with very, very little mileage. This with a MTB trying to resolve a bulged disc between L4-5. Had to let my Serotta go, and not without inner turmoil. Won't be going back to an aggressive racing bike again. It's probably too early but I couldn't resist. Have just ordered a new 2013 Spesh Roubaix frameset (tall head tube), a great (1500mi) DT 240s/Comp spoke/32h 440 asym wheelset, and a Veloce gruppo. The good news is my fitness, while no where close to last July, is not *too* bad. Not good, but not too bad. Also have lost 17 lb!!! Granted some muscle mass is gone, but a good deal of fat as well. Goal is to capitalize on the weight loss (now 161lb @ 5'-10"), adapt properly to road bike riding, and if all goes well transform my climbing. Will miss Cycle to the Sun, again. Last year because I wasn't satisfied with my fitness, this year because I'm betting for a next year.
  4. Fitness is at the top of my list aesthetics.
  5. For you that's probably a good place to be for a first road bike, although you seem to have (like me) a short cycling inseam for your ht. Anyway you need road miles +++ to verify what you want to do with your road cycling, to determine if you need another size.
  6. Good deal! Envious. Sad none of these shops would tell you what size you should be on. Hope it works out.
  7. It *would* have been near the beginning of 2014 year, but discussing with Dave its been pushed back to about Fall 2015 more or less. I'm currently seeing a Sports Physical Therapist for the bulged disc in my lower back, and will be off the road bike till at least Jan. or maybe a year or longer, the latter which is his assessment. Anyway the new time table hopefully allows enough time to decide on a new fit, if needed. I'm thinking a hill climb bike with wider tires and discs would be pretty cool.
  8. Congrats and good choice on DA9000. My history is with Campy and my one roadbike currently has Chorus, but if I was doing a ground up build, it would have Shimano.
  9. Why? You did fine. Fitness and bike handling develops on the bike, not off. Learn how to go slow with control down new-to-you descents and other obstacles, and develop a better eye for the terrain ahead, to anticipate fast gear changes.
  10. Dave's first customer Dave Thompson (and many others) use Brooks on his frames. Waiting for pics.
  11. Specialized have a number of good shapes unique to their line. Good dealers have test models, and there's supposed to be a return policy, although I haven't looked into it.
  12. 12mm makes a big difference when you need it. I wonder if this won't work for your set up? I believe they have a height of about 2.5mm. In terms of weather sealing, perhaps you might need to pull the fork and clean/regrease the upper and lower bearings every 6 mo. or so, but that's a simple operation. Forgot the link. http://metallicpoutine.com/shop/
  13. Redoing some of my stock shots, and definitely still not a photographer, lol. Too bad the vid didn't transfer in higher rez, because you can see across five rideable ridges. IMG_0702 by pigmode, on Flickr IMG_0722 by pigmode, on Flickr http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QNKtJCsw4Y
  14. Since I'm up for a Kirk Custom which doesn't have the double oversize tubes of the JKS/Peg etc., I thought it a good idea to let the Peg go for something that might give me a better perspective of what I'm getting. The Serotta does not disappoint.
  15. Well (lol)....the Peg now lives with a happy owner in So Cal. Deposit for a Dave Kirk custom has rested safely for about a month in Bozeman, Montana. Hope to take the Serotta out tomorrow, so we'll soon see about the fate of the CAAD 10. The Serotta is a size 54 standard geometry 2000 Atlanta, factory refinished two years ago. Seen first at Headcase--fit (and parts) easily transfered from the Pegoretti IMG_0672 by pigmode, on Flickr IMG_0669 by pigmode, on Flickr
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