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  1. Good point Guzziguy. Good to see you again. ;-)
  2. Blush............I'm truly honored to have the venerable Colin and Al welcome this greenhorn to the forum! I'm at a loss for words, albeit the discussion on this thread I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy.
  3. Hey good to see you again! Yes, better to be safe where that's concerned. ;-)
  4. Good to see so many faces again! I am an admitted DIY audio junky and this is my first post here. I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy. Well I see that other than this greenhorn(myself), there is a greenhorn here who has yet to find the order of the universe as it exists here on Head-Case. I thought I might enlighten him a bit as to the social norms of Head-Case. Point number one: You might be the bad ass engineer on the block, but until you show a bit of humility and let time prove your social worth, it is best to listen to those "in-the-know" here. You are not going to become a reputable source of info until you present some builds and achieve a "following' of builders who can vouch for your quality, knowledge and reputation. Head-Case is like a crab fishing boat with a lot of "crusty" old hands who have seen it all, only to be preached to by a "wet behind the ears" deck-hand. You don't throw your duty bag onto the boat when it pulls into port and try to jump into the "Captains" chair. So I reiterate, build some quality product and attend a few shows to see where exactly you fit in the "pecking order". Cheers
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