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  1. Thanks. I am back for one post to say I did just order the LP2s. Hopefully I like them!
  2. Should have listened the first time.. sorry everyone! Heading to innerfidelity now.
  3. I was looking into the headphones and I'm not a fan of the on ear. So I came across the LP2 when I was checking out the M80. They aren't foldable but they are extremely durable and portable. I know they are new but any thoughts on them?
  4. I did come across the Audio Technica ATH M50 and a couple others that fold and are circumaural. Though I would like that they fold for portability, that isn't the main thing. What do you think of the M50? I'll check out those two headphones. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too.
  5. I apologize that this is my first post. I've done a lot of research on headphones but there are just too many. I joined this forum for help. I should have waited and checked all of the posts and contributed on Head-case before I came posting like this. So hopefully you all don't hate me and next time I do post I can get some help. Thanks
  6. I was originally thinking about getting the hd 558, 598, or the 595, but they are open ear and aren't very portable. I'm looking for: folding, around ear, closed, 200$ or less, and preferably decent bass. That might be a lot of specifics but I need help finding the right headphones. Any ideas? Thank you! Dylan
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