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  1. I apologize to all, my English must be really bad. My intention wasn't to be arrogant with anyone. I decide to ask help on this forum beacause i know that is one of the most important forum about the headphones, but since i don't know me understand. I'm going to post on forums where speak my language.
  2. for this reason I wrote "justified" because there are people who allow themselves to judge roughly and without any foundation.
  3. maybe I explained bad because i don't speak english very well. I would only recommend to purchase. I wrote "justified" because of the time people say things as hearsay.
  4. I have read several posts about the in-ear headphones from the sites that you recommended me.But I'm not anaudiophile,I didn't understand much.
  5. Hi all, I should buy a pair of in-ear headphones, High-end (120 to 200 €) for my good old creative zen x-fi 16GB. Whereas I usually listento classical music, jazz, old rock and healthy, in essence, I need some earphones quite linear,and not the usual unbalanced bass! the choice is between these: Sony MDR EX600 Sony MDR EX-700 HiFiMan RE-262 Shure SE315 What I need is a justified comparison between the selected models. Thanks to all
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