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  1. sorry for not having posted earlier, but I was glad to have washed my hands of all things AudioMagus... I received the MagiDac shortly after having gotten a modified Lite DAC-AH (modified to a passive output stage). My first impression of the physical enclosure: nice build, but why have a switch with a bulb at the end? seemed weird. Anyway, I put the DAC into the system, connected the USB and switched it on, left it running for an hour and sat down to listen: nice enough, but on my Starving Student I heard background noise. Ok, DAC was fed via USB from a Notebook, not ideal, so I swit
  2. Re Singlepower: Ah, but you missed the point, the suspense for how long it takes and in what bizarre ways whatever you ordered will be build is part and parcel of the whole experience, not to say expected...
  3. Hmm, Poulsbo, Washington (98370) is the post office and incidentally the address for Audiomagus... Again, I have no problem with them having problems and thus taking longer, I have a problem with misinformation (did not want to call it lying in writing). I simply want my DAC (a product that according to the manufacturer / seller is available, not on backorder or anything!) and be happy with it, and not wait and see what the delay is "this time"...
  4. I am soooo happy with audio magus - not! I received my tracking no on the 20th - item shipped on the 19th... so why does the tracking say that the item was "accepted" on the 28th? I mean, 9 days from printing the sticker to the actual post office... Believe me, it is not for lack of wanting to...
  5. blessingx, did you get an update? On the 8th I got the blanket mail that they would start shipping that day... On the 10th I still did not see an update to my order (basically on the third day that they said they were shipping). I am now basically at the stage where I want to hate the product when it arrives (if it arrives?)... I don't mind the delay so much as the runaround we are giving... "We are shipping on Thursday", but they don't tell us which week...
  6. Does the word "Vapourware" have any meaning? The Dac according to the web site ships out in 2-3 days... And has for quite some time now... No-one has seen the beast and at least for my order shipping has been delayed 4 times now, always to the next day, or the day after .... I WANT MY DAC! Sorry.... Just needed to vent my frustration...
  7. After sending them a reminder I now have the information that the DAC will be shipped out Thursday...
  8. ok, we are both strong... They did not acknowledge the order, no communication at all... I hate waiting!
  9. ok, I am weak, I know it... Just pulled the trigger and ordered it (including clock upgrade). Will post impressions once I have it in hand.
  10. After getting myself a pair of Jecklin Floats Model I needed to restore these: Before and after: Since I put another cable on them as well (Mogami 2893), I wanted to do a quick and easy test. I pulled the DIY Charlize out of the rack, added the PS1 as the player and hooked the Float up to the speaker out. While I have to say that there was some ground noise, this whole combo really rocks! David Bowie "The Man Who Sold The World" has been described as "Hard-Rock" but I never heard it this hard rocking! Before the Float was all Highs, Bass was there but not really com
  11. The pads are fine. I left them running over night and had a minute to listen to them this morning. They are really quite good, I would say on par with the dynamic headphones I have heard until now. I will spend some more time with them on the weekend and will try to post a more detailed review / comparison then.
  12. Thanks spritzer, in that case I will refrain from opening them.
  13. uuhm, Stax anyone? Seriously, I have no problem with a "bit" of customs / taxes when buying new gear... but something in between 20 and 40% seems inappropriate Add to that that I do not see why a used goods transaction inland is free and a used goods transaction across a border is not... Anyway now that we have defined a word that has nothing to do with headphones and might or might not describe the pastime of one or more users in the forum, can we talk about Stax, please? Pretty please? _________________________________________________________________________________ I am won
  14. God, I can get to love Electrostats Today I got the SRD6/SR-5 combo (I assume it is the Gold from the pictures I could find). Someone had replaced the in-cable and the speaker outs (horrid job), but still, you plug them in and it is good... They can not be compared to the SRM252/SR202 combo which simply does everything better, but I think these are really good rock phones, tight, fast, not too concerned with the details but, well, rocking. They project a way smaller soundstage, but again this is only right for a Power Trio or similar to bring down the house! My, this is the mos
  15. Not really, chances are that when they are actual goods and you enclose an invoice it might be (a bit) faster, and I have to assume that not using the postal service probably is rather expensive...
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