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  1. Bobby balanced amp by Firestone Audio

    ok thanks.Very kind of you. a text review without any link is ok for you?? Is there any section for the reviews? thanks
  2. Bobby balanced amp by Firestone Audio

    The Monkey as listed in the moderators team but maybe i've contacted not the right person. sorry my fault.If there a section for the reviews on this forum please let me know. thanks i apologize again
  3. Bobby balanced amp by Firestone Audio

    yes that's me! i love "three's company" i've tried to do my best on my remastering job to achieve the best possible quality for sky italia by the way if there's something wrong with my post it's my fault.I apologize for this
  4. Bobby balanced amp by Firestone Audio

    yesterday before registering i sent a message to the moderators but got no reply. If my post is against the rules plese feel free to delete it. I don't want to be against the rules of this forum.I'm sorry my fault. By the way there's no commercial info on my webiste.All the artcicles are done for informative purpose. thank you
  5. here an interesting review : edit: no it wasn't