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  1. No I just said I'm sure(confident). Buddy of mine has had them and places the other t50 mods we both know on the same level as the thunder pants. This model is clearly above the ones we discussed IMO. But you know what, I will humble myself and follow those head-case message instructions. I was super eager to share these because I like them so much for what they are good at and my eagerness overtook my self control. I do know that some will love them and some will hate them. But of the 40 hp's I have had these have a special place. I am humbled and hope to hear impressions good or bad some day. I don't mind being wrong. Cheers!
  2. With all three open they have some bloat but to be honest they have a very solid and textured bass. More so than the mad dog pros for sure and hit harder than any ortho I have had. I have one or two songs where I want all three. Look I'm not trying to defend these at all but since I have them and others are throwing speculation I guess it will sound like that. Besides I'm sure these sound a lot better than thunderpants
  3. Lol wow I'm off to a horrible start. I mean for when I want isolation. So basically my closed back choice right now. Nut I'm sure you knew that.
  4. Maybe this site is for ballers and people that have tons of money I have no clue but your crap could be my gold. I didn't get paid anything but I like how it sounds and it sits right next to my he6 when I want isolation
  5. New to this forum so I am prob making a huge mistake in starting a thread already. If I did then please forgive me. I cant find a place to talk about these so I figured I would post here. Some bass head cans with two plugs out with great balance and good soundstage. Interested in hearing peoples thoughts about them if they have heard of them or are curious.
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