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  1. I understand that. That's why I did not ask "what is the best amp". I am merely asking for brands (of amps) that I should pay attention to when browsing through hundreds & hundreds of threads. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks Dusty, really not looking to spend the $$$ on expensive gear for on the road. Not expecting it to perform the same as the Magicos, but just something that sound decent and will drive the ER-4S.
  3. I've been out of the loop for a while. Got into headphones before my firstborn arrived. I thought my days of blasting music through speakers in late night listening sessions was over. But my kids sleeps through loud music. I have a portable setup consisting of Kowon iAudio X5 DAP + Shure SE530. I used to use the Etymotics ER-4S with an el cheapo Headroom amp. I'm looking to get the iBasso DX200 or Pioneer XDP-300 DAP. Probably stick with the existing IEMs. What portable amp would you recommend? Nothing fancy. Budget up to $500 new or used. My in-house system consists of a pair of Magico Q5 speakers powered by Pass X350.5. Primarily listening to vinyl. Music-wise, I listen to a wide range from Jazz, Claasical, 80s alternative rock to Asian pop music. Not looking for top of the line, $$$$ stuff. Just something to get me through those times when you're stuck at an airport due to delays and I just need to close my eyes and mentally go somewhere else. Thanks in advance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks for the quick answers. I am thinking of downsizing my portable gear so I can travel "light". So far, I like what I hear running the SE530 straight out of my X5, so I will just stick with that.
  5. I'm new here. Just bought a Shure SE530 this week on impulse. Actually I was a little tired of the Etys during my last business trip. They are just a tad too bright and lean for my taste. Anyways, I was trying to plug the SE530 to my various amps at home last night and got a really loud buzz coming out of both sides when the volume was set at 0. Today, I tried it with my portable Headroom Airhead and samething happened again. I plugged the SE530 directly into my iAudio X5 and they sounded great. I checked Shure's website and in the FAQ section it says that it is not necessary, but OK to, plug these into a headphone amp. I did some search here, and others have use headphone amp as well without any issue. Anyone else has similar experience with these?
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