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  1. SZ2 are current production. Also amps... I think I posted someone's FR graph here a year or so ago recording no difference from 252 on up to 717 at very high amplitudes with an 007a. This suggests to me that Stax amplifier differences lie in the ultrasonic region. On the other hand I haven't heard any amp other than 323S, and this puts me in contrast a little bit with others here.
  2. 009 discontinued. https://stax.co.jp/2020/11/09/sr009dis/
  3. Someone last year in this thread got a new 007a with a 2300 serial so getting 2406 today suggests current production to me.
  4. This 007 appears to be brand new despite the scruffy case wrapping. It sounds and feels really nice. All is great.
  5. Thanks spritzer and justin. That's good to know. I've also got flecks of debris between the hard case and the sealed plastic packaging. What I'm trying to do is figure out whether it's actually new or I'm getting someone's monkey model. Edit: yeah, It's an ebay purchase. I'm not in the states.
  6. I just received a model SZ2. Is this still in production? Also, is the warranty card supposed to be empty except for the model number?
  7. 007 bought. The L300 would have been a more sensible choice, but prudent purchasing can sometimes feel stifling. Make sure you've all got earpad spares.
  8. Go over them again for me please. I know they've reworked the cable relief and have had channel balance problems to an unknown extent. I'm going to be buying one so long as it doesn't get overpriced like the new 700 amplifiers.
  9. If they're re-issuing it with a higher price tag I will take a dim view of the company.
  10. I set the ED-1 in parametric EQ. I prefer the 307 unequalized.
  11. If you listen to a sine sweep, it won't be there. Some people try to appear smart by listening through a FR graph.
  12. I'd be pretty happy if I found out my 252 can do 20-20 kHz above 100 dB on an 007.
  13. Found this, 007 with custom EQ. No difference in output across amps. Thoughts?
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