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  1. 007 bought. The L300 would have been a more sensible choice, but prudent purchasing can sometimes feel stifling. Make sure you've all got earpad spares.
  2. Go over them again for me please. I know they've reworked the cable relief and have had channel balance problems to an unknown extent. I'm going to be buying one so long as it doesn't get overpriced like the new 700 amplifiers.
  3. If they're re-issuing it with a higher price tag I will take a dim view of the company.
  4. I set the ED-1 in parametric EQ. I prefer the 307 unequalized.
  5. If you listen to a sine sweep, it won't be there. Some people try to appear smart by listening through a FR graph.
  6. I'd be pretty happy if I found out my 252 can do 20-20 kHz above 100 dB on an 007.
  7. Found this, 007 with custom EQ. No difference in output across amps. Thoughts?
  8. How much of a compromise was the 4070?
  9. Everything is bad so long as it is in production.
  10. What can we say about the perception of sound coming from large diaphragms vs point sources? This lambda pair I'm listening to I suppose is large enough that higher frequencies enter the hearing system across a broader phase range than typical of headphones. Add to that the lambdas being poorly uniform at 8 kHz and from 14 kHz upward.
  11. I successfully got my 323s to puke at me by playing back a 30, 33kHz two tone sample through ODAC s24le 96 kHz. Past 1 am there is what must be IMD.
  12. it is happening like that in housing in Oz/UK/Japan and elsewhere.
  13. It's great to be listening again! The clamp is tighter than before and the headband no longer loosely rises up. Can the headband failure be related to a moulding problem, like bad temperature?
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