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    Worked in the Indirect Tax industry for about 20 years and recently made a career change to teaching. I loved working in taxes and I am starting to enjoy teaching more and more, especially since moving to my new school. It is magical when you get to see the children develop and enjoy their accomplishments.
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    Hong Kong
  • Interests
    Ice Hockey
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    Teacher at Canadian International School of Hong Kong
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    Ice Hockey, Headphones of course and Lifelong Teaching.
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    Open Headphones - SR-009, HD800 and RS2. Closed Headphones - Edition 8 Limited Edition, Pro900, Focal Spirit One, and ATH-ES10. Wireless Headphone - Parrot Zik 2.0. IEM - SE535.
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    STAX 323S amp. Line Magnetic Mini 218IA Headstage Arrow 5TX, Fiio E18 and E17.
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    Line Magnetic 502CA dac

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  1. Rayzilla

    The Headcase Stax thread

    (My very first post.) This is interesting since I would love to experience the true potential of my newly acquired 009. Unfortunately these will probably be out of my reach for now as well. I finally part of the club and found my way here (you guys are stuck with me now, lol). And thanks to some of you that personally congratulated me on my purchase, even though the amp I have started out with is only the 323S but I have been listening to these almost every day since receiving them and I am really enjoying them. I almost worked out a deal on a KGSSHV but it fell through at the very very end, which only makes settling for the 323S for the time being THAT much harder (even though I am still happy with it).