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  1. Picked up a couple of red LED's and popped one in. Looks much better. Thanks UFN. I noted a 60 Hz hum with low impedance headphones with the music off and the volume turned all the way up. Can't hear it with high impedance phones though. The cables hooked up to the RCA input are 2 conductor, shielded, and I had grounded the shielding. When I disconnected the shield ground, the hum went away. I had also grounded the output cables, but disconnecting those did not make a difference. For symmetry, I cut off all the ground wires to the shields.
  2. Never thought of it. I just got blue because all of my other stuff have blue LED's. A red LED would definitely tie it all together. Been binge listening to Cowboy Junkies. Fell in love with Margo Timmins' voice all over again.
  3. Got it cased. Pretty standard. I apologize for the power switch--I couldn't resist.
  4. Ah, so that's what happened to the AKG's when I plugged it in...? Oops, I do mean mV.
  5. Finished stuffing the PCB's. No problems. Bias set at 97mV warm. DC offset -2.3V and -2.4V with the servos. Didn't bother to check without the servos. With the Antek transformer (secondary measured at 25.7V), the PS output was at +22.87V and -23.10V. The BJT's (D44VH10G and D45VH10G) on the PS were running a lot cooler though. Had a brief listen with alligator clips--sounded great. The case from Hifi 2000 should get here tomorrow.
  6. Got the power supply built. I got a R-core 50VA transformer, 110V primary and 25V secondary. My mains is at 120V and the measured output from the transformer feeding into the PS was 30.88V. The output from the PS was +23.07V and -23.40V. The boards from ebay are really nice. [edit]Just ordered a toroidal transformer from Antek. The R-core from ebay has a funny solvent smell.[/edit]
  7. I just had the cheapo meter handy for the picture. I checked it with my Amprobe meter, and it measured 500 ohm. The rest of the pack of resistors (from Mouser) measured between 674 and 680 ohm, perfectly within spec of 1%.
  8. 1st post here. Getting ready to go ahead with the build, waiting for the PCB from ebay. I was checking resistors and I found this: I have never come across a Vishay resistor this far off (please no comments on the crappy "multimeter"). Will update once I get the build underway. Thanks KG!
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