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  1. so due to a comment i made over there, someone wanted to know if i had the eddie current dht filament schematic. here it is. eddiecurrentfilament.PDF
  2. no the zero feedback version does not have high loop gain. no feedback anywhere. not at the input stage and not at the output stage. first stage is a transimpedance amplifier with a output resistor that fixes the gain. output buffer is just that, voltage gain of 1 with no feedback. the feedback version bumps the gain of the input stage and adds about 5db of feedback. or whatever you set it to.
  3. no, you really need that much current gain when you are doing zero feedback. especially if you like those really low distortion numbers. but sure, go ahead and modify.
  4. you definitely need another cap to ground on pin 3 of the opamp.
  5. sure, why not. nelson pass does the same thing with an opto isolator. i've seen various other versions of the same thing over the years, not sure why its not more popular.
  6. because that is the way the original did it. certainly possible to use one pair of led's.
  7. The vbe multiplier really needs to be on the heatsink otherwise thermal runaway may happen.
  8. put a 1.5v battery on the input, and cycle thru the steps and watch the output voltage.
  9. dc filament power supplies normally cause way more trouble than they fix. and you definitely want that supply floating and leave in the 47 ohm resistors.
  10. unless the kitty chewed the pins enough to break the vacuum i don't see how they would get damaged this way.
  11. red actually. was looking at the green egg but the kamodo has an infinitely better heavy duty spring loaded hinge that holds the top in any position. total weight of this beast is close to 400 lbs. not easy to move. but unlike the weber which topped out at about 450F, this easily gets to 900F. tonight, tomahawk steak.
  12. opened up the weber a few weeks ago and the rusted bottom dropped out and the thing collapsed. So... steak florentine
  13. norton ghost or whatever its called these days.
  14. sure. and i have 4 original esl63 transformers in stock. (2 transformers make a center tapped pair)
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