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  1. kevin gilmore

    The SRM727 thread

    picture attached
  2. kevin gilmore

    Stax SRM-700T and SRM-700S

    so the 700s power supply voltages are exactly the same as the 717 and 727 from the transformer yellow,green,yellow go to full wave bridge rectified and regulated to +/-15 blue black blue (the filament supplies on the 700t) rectified and added to Vh- to make the - boost supply white red and brown orange are the 2 high voltage windings full wave rectified into CRC making +/-350 output boards identical to the t8000 each board has 3 x 2sc6127 and 1 resistor vas boards have 4 x 2sc6127 (2 x Darlington pair) and 4 x 150k/2W current source (on main board) vas is driven from dual low voltage n-channel jfet. (red heat shrink) (previously dual npn transistors) front end identical to 717/727 with dual n-channel jfet so about 99% identical to srm717 with non-obsolete parts and change of vas stage driver from bipolar to jfet on the D50 the front end jfet is known to be sourced by linear systems. So likely the k170 are also sourced by linear systems. so the 700T absolutely identical in every way to the srm-007t (and srm-t1 etc) with 2 x 6sn7 replacing 4 x 6cg7 plenty of room for replacement constant current sources to replace the mills load resistors both are priced the same, between $2895 and $2995
  3. kevin gilmore

    The Headcase Stax thread

    just because its a great amplifier does not mean that it likes to drive pure transformers. decca ribbon tweeters, quad esl56 and 63, klh 9 etc are all considered very hard to drive loads. transformers for electrostatics are much harder to wind than you might think, not a standard thing
  4. kevin gilmore

    KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    With those diodes is there any unregulated voltage on the first big cap?
  5. kevin gilmore

    KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    Yes the opto just provides the on/off switch you need to use a timer circuit, or a seperate switch and a rolex
  6. kevin gilmore

    The Headcase Stax thread

    Ok, the stax mafia has spent quite a bit of time with the kse1500 first the headphones are 200v bias. The kingsound must have been modified to lower bias voltage otherwise these headphones will eventually pop. yes the kse1500/kse1200 is an extremely low power classAB amplifier with significant distortion. But great battery life. The kingsound is a chip amp driving transformers. Might actually sound better, but definitely not stax mafia approved. A really good battery powered portable electrostatic amp is harder than you might think. The stax d10 is another example that has issues.
  7. kevin gilmore

    KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    its not a soft start. its a delayed high voltage turn on. For tubes that don't like voltage before the filament. no reason to use it except for tube or tube hybrid
  8. kevin gilmore

    The Headcase Stax thread

    ok, this scares the shit out of me. hennyo level of quality here. Second pic, the power supply in the upper right is an ebay high voltage switcher that's $7 I know its $7 because I bought some for the up and coming stax mafia portable, and its actually a pretty decent supply but can handle only about 5 watts of output power. You can see two more under the fan. Fan is required because those things get hot especially when you try to push them over 8 watts. And according to people at diyaudio that use them for tube preamps, the main diodes blow up at 10 watts. No way is this a kgsshv-carbon in terms of power. Barely 10% if that. Also limited to about 400v A pair of switchers on either side of the pot drive the HV supplies. So Switchers driving switchers. Not the most quiet of things. And the rest of it, yikes power supply pics here
  9. kevin gilmore

    The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    Nope, you need the common ground.
  10. kevin gilmore

    blue hawaii build transormer and psu questions.

    the dht version is for the emission labs directly heated triodes. Expensive and requires 4 separate 5v filament windings on the transformer.
  11. kevin gilmore

    KGSSHV Carbon Kits on Ebay

    power supply is version 1.8 copyright 2015 however it shows both boards the same, and that is definitely not the case. although you can do it that way, but then you need a grlv power supply in addition one board has the bias voltage, the other board has the low voltage regulators amp is version .6 copyright 2015 I think this is the latest I released. There is a .61 version which I may or may not have released, don't know the differences
  12. kevin gilmore

    digital attenuator

    that one is indeed 3 layers, extra complete ground layer in the middle. forgot about that one.
  13. kevin gilmore

    digital attenuator

    its a 2 layer board. not sure why it is being detected as 3 layers
  14. kevin gilmore

    current feedback electrostatic amp

    easy, low cost, no adjustments, only hv supplies etc.