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  1. littlefuse dalbani littlediode nikko... all the same company. and yes they sell lots of fakes. 2sa1968 are pnp. but if they test as 30v transistors, they are definitely fakes.
  2. don't know about buying parts in india. parts in usa are around $150.
  3. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/stax-srm-007tii-amp-tube-rolling-bias-adjustment.653258/post-16389801 this person published half the schematic. This schematic is similar to, but not the same as your amp which has dc filaments. you need to replace all the parts including the diodes and capacitors. the other high voltage caps don't look very good either. and likely one or more of the tubes are bad.
  4. modifications would be required to lower the bias to 200v from 560. it is unknown whether the headphones can take the extra voltage swing of this amp. one version of this amp will definitely be analog input only. lithium batteries suck. get used to it.
  5. cfa2 is balanced out only with a balanced input cfa3 is balanced out regardless of input. also some versions are ZF/SS
  6. makes no sense to make this a diy kit. the main board is more than 200 components on both sides of the board. The board house wants about $60 to assemble this board. no one i know can hand stuff that board for $60. The dac board is likely going to use the ess chip which has nda agreements associated with it. So no gerber files or schematics either. Still should be much cheaper than the d10 or kse1500.
  7. doug is tall enough he does not need a ladder.
  8. define similar. shure is 4 x discrete opamps made with 400v complementary bipolar parts. stax d10 is 2 x apex pa443 dual monolithic opamps made with 350v n-channel mosfets. stax d10 uses xmos 208 and ess dac. i don't remember what the shure uses. birgir has pictures of both should he desire to post them. there is a guy in ukraine (i think) that is selling a shure clone for about $800 (no dac)
  9. ULTRA REFERENCE electrostatic headphone amp KGSSHV Carbon for Stax SR-007 SR-009 | eBay they are 1500uf caps as i remember.
  10. the guy in vietnam is using even bigger caps. so no reason why it should not work.
  11. I think that caps that big can be very dangerous. So if you are going to use them, find a way to make sure you can never come in contact with either of the terminals.
  12. musican pegasus is probably in the same range
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