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  1. also notice the same rms voltage as 727 which means +/-350 power supplies
  2. my guess is a single dual triode as the differential amplifier, probably a pnp cascode, pnp current source driving a npn only way to keep it all dc and still get the plate voltage down to something manageable
  3. looking at the pictures, small surface mount transistors on a board that is insulated from the heatsink. so pretty much the couple of pnp and npn surface mount parts that are available plus a tube front end that emulates the t2 with a lot less parts price seems grossly high for that
  4. T2 was the only stax with a servo. both common mode and differential mode. 717 had protection relay circuit if dc was out of spec
  5. jude reviewed the new stax amp, t8000 over there
  6. i suppose that should work. as long as all the parts are rated for the voltages you want to use
  7. a room full of amplifiers?? ask birgir. how about 3600 square feet of amplifiers.
  8. I expect to now be able to spend significant amounts of time on new designs
  9. huh? where you getting the high voltage power supply?
  10. i have turned in my retirement notice, so my file server probably won't be up for more than a couple of weeks, get copies now. i have a complete backup and will be moving to my own domain soon.
  11. that works too. seems like the world stock of 2sc4686a are about to go extinct.
  12. probably a regulated version might be better
  13. yes that is the idea, something with at least 1kv isolation. 12v to 12v, series resistor, tantalum cap, and then a resistor to get to the right led current. but you do need 4 of them per amplifier, but they are cheap any changes to the board will keep all the spacings intact.
  14. I did both ksa5 power supplies. The original is triple pass transistor/zener regulated