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  1. suitable replacements seem to be 2sa1552 / 2sc4027 toshiba tta004b / ttc004b also look compatible
  2. amir is just another idiot with an audio precision. And is concerned about .000000001 thd. And is otherwise clueless. look at his review of glite.
  3. +/-12v should be fine for a balnced setup. 50 amp power supplies would be perfect.
  4. you need AC 120v not 12v and that is for low bias only
  5. wire the headphone grounds directly to the amp boards, not the power supply
  6. The Thd is going to be higher at lower driver board voltages. Not a lot higher, but the idea is that the driver board needs to be able to fully drive the output board, so the driver board needs at least a couple more volts than the output board.
  7. i have a pair of 801 mk 3 that i still use as television speakers. with the arcici stands. in black. and the B&W bass alignment active filter somewhere.
  8. for people building their own bh, one side of the filsment winding has to be connected to v-, not ground. also applies to all other tube output stax amp.
  9. you better take a real good picture of the voltage selector block. there are many different kinds. if blue and purple are jumpered together then its 120v if brown and green are wired together its 100v white should be wired to grey the correct fuse for 100v should be 1.5 amp
  10. take a look at the transformer and see if the 120v windings are cut or not. if they are intact, rewire for 120v. and replace the power electrolytics.
  11. actually even easier assuming the drive is glass platters, open up the top and fill with battery acid. the plating comes right off the glass.
  12. go to one of the sites selling magnets and buy a 1 tesla magnet, or bigger. they are cheap. take the drive apart all the way to the platters, and swipe the magnet on both sides of each platter several times in several directions. not even the nsa will be able to get the data back. one of these is way more than enough https://www.kjmagnetics.com/proddetail.asp?prod=DX0C
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