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  1. kerry, any chance of a grhv supply that size
  2. a neon test light works better
  3. I don't believe that Mikhail ever sold it. At the time he said it was about $6k to gold plate it. And I don't believe that, probably more like $1k. He did try and sell it a couple of times for $35k or so I was told.
  4. the board is the dual servo one, I thought I published the final schematic, will have to look
  5. That schematic does not match the current board
  6. yep those 2 caps go from +vcc to -vcc not sure why
  7. as far as I know you have to gold plate the turd. then you can polish the shit out of it.
  8. those have not been updated in a while, so many versions, sorenb probably knows more about which is which than i do at this point
  9. is it anything like the final countdown?
  10. found an error with the input board, fixed and updated
  11. 2x is just fine for this
  12. i'm sure they can make a high quality amp. But they are subject to the same parts i use unless they find piles of obsolete parts. Kind of doubt they would do that at this point
  13. maybe it will look like this. makes the rsa stuff look ok.
  14. i'm looking at my board which is labeled 2009 Jacob potter and all the electrolytics go from power rails to ground
  15. Its there now, I put it in the wrong place