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  1. for soren, thru hole version with servo
  2. I never said this was a tiny amp. Nor low power.
  3. start laying out your own boards and you will know why. there will be a all smd version at some point with these as output buffers .8 x 1.5 inch
  4. it had better look like this the output impedance is about 1k, working on the diamond buffer output now
  5. boards at the speed of light. updated version of the board with input resistors just posted. by adjusting a few resistors you can get up to 6db (12db balanced) gain
  6. no no no, swimming pool, it floats
  7. this is coming soon a lot less parts than the other version, almost the same thd
  8. seems linear systems is now shipping matched p-channel duals that match the lsk689 so jfet front ends may be possible again. could do a pot in the middle for current mirror types of front ends. problem is you need reverse taper pots.
  9. yep, i don't have the source file here, which i would normally have, will look at home. definitely kerry's layout. found the original email
  10. i don't even remember that one, will have to look later
  11. no, you are a dinosaur. same as me. i still use pure analog oscilliscopes when ever possible.
  12. nice.
  13. This is the headphone version of beveridge. 1350 volts bias, probably a couple hundred volts of music, single stator.
  14. so the 2 piece version will be capacitor coupled output, the 4 piece version will be dc coupled output, the newest version of cast and cascode fet buffer. for balanced you will need 8 pieces. i'm sure a version of this is coming. as far as I know, no dsd but it should be capable of that. pricing is finally rational
  15. can't use lt1021-5 in 2 wire mode.