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  1. if the thermal grease really is the color of artic silver, that stuff is electrically conductive. causes all sorts of problems.
  2. It is actually possible for something with no voltage gain and no feedback to oscillate, but it's difficult to do so. a lh0032 with the input tied to low impedance ground will oscillate.
  3. measure output voltage. probably zero. replace power supply
  4. 15lyl... if you are running ss and don't have the latest board, the feedback might not be correct. Check your board with the schematic posted. i don't know of any way to make ZF oscillate
  5. the 2 n's need to be flipped. this error got there when changing from the 2s transistors to the bc transistors. edit: updated schematic cfp3rssfixedsssw - CADCAM.ZIP cfa3productionss.PDF
  6. final version of SS/ZF board with jumpers to go from one to the other. 5 db of gain unbal to unbal 11db of gain ubal to bal 17db of gain bal to bal thinking of a relay board to sit on top with front panel SS/ZF switch. would be a unique feature cfp3rssfixedsssw - CADCAM.ZIP
  7. It's. not that hard to drill and tap the heatsink on the thick part to mount the board to. It was designed that way from the start. And that's a furtech label on a cheap plastic knockoff.
  8. Here is another one. I know its different because the caps on top are different. And its 1oz copper.
  9. changed size of cap cfp3rssfixedss - CADCAM.ZIP
  10. latest board file with all fixes cfp3rssfixedss - CADCAM.ZIP
  11. any ac voltage on the filament? likely the regulators are on the verge of dropping out of regulation. is your 230v about 3% low?
  12. the unbal to bal part of the board had a problem with the current source, this was discussed over at diyaudio on the negative current source the 10k resistor went to the emitter. it needs to go to the base. first picture is the fix, second picture was the original with the error.
  13. should be 12.6 vac rms measured blue to blue should be 8.5 vdc on that cap. should be 6.3 vdc after the regulators measured at the tube filaments. everything referenced to -350V
  14. so you did not get the information you wanted over there, and now you come here. nice. from pictures elsewhere, the transformer winding is blue-black-blue and is 12.6v center tap, 2 diodes to capacitor full wave bridge. This is the filament supply and has high current ripple. The cap you have chosen is completely wrong for the job. All the original caps were chosen for a reason, if they are not dead then you should not be replacing them. And you should be careful touching that cap with the power on, as its sitting at -350v.
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