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  1. Okay, that makes more sense. Treble is one of the key areas that are an issue for me. The stax amp just doesn't get it right, I would have thought it was the sr-007 till I read around that it was not so capable. My carbon gets in tomorrow, and I believe it was actually built by someone who posted pictures of it in this very thread lol. Here is to hoping for better sound.
  2. A lowly headfi'er looking for more information on alternate amplication for a newly acquired sr-007A, comes across this gem of a thread. Safe to say i'm convinced the carbon is the way to go, hoping it clears up a lot of issues I have with the srm 007TA. I was also wondering exactly how the output current impacts High frequency reproduction? I read somewhere along the way that the higher current output amps have more zing in the treble?