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  1. I have no idea what could be better ...
  2. Hi there... I have a pretty annoying problem. I own a small collection of Stax headphones (SR-X, SR-X Pro, SR Gamma, Lambda NB, Lambda Pro, Lambda Sig, L300). Last year I decided to replace the original earpads on all my vintage Lambdas, but it was a bad idea. Despite having carried out the replacement with care, degreasing the parts with alcohol and applying the double-sided adhesive precisely, the pads refuse to remain firmly glued to the earphones, and over time, inexorably come unstuck! Most likely the problem is accentuated by the fact that I wear the headphones quite rarely. I periodically reposition the pads, but the problem seems unresolvable. How the hell is it possible? The original pads have stood firm for decades, and the replacement parts do they deform unstuck within a few days? ? Has anyone had a similar experience with replacement pads? How can I solve the problem permanently?
  3. Where to buy SR-X MK3 pads?
  4. I would like to know wich driver is used in my SR-5 Gold "white". I know SR-5NB (the black one) share the same driver of SR-XIII (2um diaphragm), but my SR-5 Gold? Uses the same 4um membrane of the original SR-5 or the new thinner one?
  5. Thank you. No, my SR-X experience is totally different from yours. The midrange has some hardness here and there, but I find the entire treble range rather balanced and pleasant, especially in the Pro (diy edition ).
  6. What do you mean when you say "strange null"? Anyway, when I say that the sr-5 sounds veiled, I do not mean to say that it sounds closed, attenuated in the treble. Subjectively, I feel it depressed at frequencies immediately below, in the area of brilliance. I can hear the midrange, I can hear part of the treble, but I miss the spectrum portion that links the two ranges.
  7. Is what I suspect. Even the grid in front of the driver does not seem to me to be particularly transparent, and it may well be the cause of these coloration. What I do not explain is, how it's possible that such a headphone can be appreciated, I do not like it at all. To my taste, the SR-X is far superior.
  8. My Stax collection lacked the SR-5, so a couple of months ago I bought a SR-5 Gold. I often read good things about this headphone, but when I listen to it, it leaves me perplexed. Ok, warm timbre, nice mid range, but I find it quite "weird" in the treble. It seems that high frequencies are disconnected from the mid range. The headphones sounds veiled at the top of the midrange / low treble, and the high frequency sound a bit resonant. It's the first time (after decades) that I hear the SR-5, so I don't understand if it's normal for it to sound like this, or if it's mine that has some problem. Apparently it is in very good conditions, pads are perfect and soft. Disassembling the headphone, drivers look pristine, as new. The charge is instantaneous, there is no imbalance between the channels, no strange noises, in short, seems to be working perfectly. What do you think?
  9. LX00 pads are way too different to be used. I think I will stay with the original one for the moment, thanks!
  10. EP234BL can be considered a 1:1 replacement in terms of shape and thickness for a SR-Lambda NB? Original pads are still usable but not in perfect conditions, I would like to replace them but I'm afraid the new pads will change the headphone sound, so I'm unsure...
  11. Ok, job done! I used a sewing needle to lift the grill, and now is flat. Now I need to clean the incredible quantity of dirt and foam debris trapped in the "grill/dust cover" gap...
  12. Thank you! I just realized that the grill was glued to the driver, I was convinced it was fixed on the baffle, damn it! This makes the situation much more complicated ... Any ideas on what to do without breaking everything?
  13. Hi guys, this is my first post! I ask you a question. I just bought a Lambda NB, the headphone works but is not in excellent condition. In particular, the metal grille that protects the left channel driver is deformed, and touches the dust cover. I believe that the only way to straighten it, involves removing the driver. This is an operation I've done many years ago on other lambda, but I do not remember in detail now. If I pull the driver out of the baffle, does the dust cover break? I do not remember exactly where the dust cover is glued! Thanks!
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