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  1. Hi, Check this 12000 euro amp out. There are so many $10k amps popping out these years. They come from workshops. Actually, I doubt if they are really worth the price. (I am only able to upload 3 pics.) Angstrom Audio Laboratories is back at it again with a statement level Headphone Amplifier of uncompromising standards. MSRP $13,750. Power Output 3,5 watt per channelDual Mono Power Supplyweight 35 KgFull Regulated Power Supply 12 Tubes( 6 x channel)2 ECC802S input/driver stage per channel2 6CG7 double triode in triode composite Circlotron operatingResponse Frequency 12 hz to 150 KhzOutput is in CurrentOutput impedance 10 Ohm to 3 KohmDistorsion 1% @ 20 Hz to 20 Khz OMG! Response Frequency 12 hz to 150 Khz. Is it for human or aliens?
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