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  1. Good answer ,i had the opportunity to hear LCD-2-LCD-4 in row at the Munich High-End show,still liking most the first torture device LCD-2 with the cracking wood and drivers.Nothing against Audeze guys but if you can collect money for progress wich goes backwards,just hats off .Fang takes everything to another level,he is asking 50K for something wich is not above Lambda level.My offer for Canorum it's quite cheap only 12K and it's above "not-completely-crap"
  2. Definitely not HE-90 but i mean the HE-90 with the Lambda driver inside wich you sold for 6K ,bad memory?
  3. I got today the Perun headphone and now i let it "run in" some hours. The looks is great,this is truly the electrostatic Grado very lightweight and comfortable.So far it's sounding very promising ,quite neutral with old Stax Omega 1 "touch" on it with similar soundstaging and imaging maybe with cleaner midrange.It's quite neutral and "naturally" detailed where i consider 009 to be neutral but unnaturally detailed.Perun has a very quite background and somebody may think it's dark sounding but it's not .I think Spritzer would like this phone:) a bit of old school Stax sound. First hour of listening says that we are dealing here with a world class sounding headphone for 1K :).The transaction from Russia to EU was smooth with great communication and zero problems . Update today:the midrange is likely the best i have heard from any stat before,it's huge,very musical,voices like female vocals are stunning,the sound is BIG / transparent but it isn't euphonic it remains still neutral and balanced.It has warmish tonality quite different overall than any Stax maybe towards HE-90 but it has it's own sound wich is very compelling.Was fiddling with the drivers and headband i don't know which way i should have to use them but tested vice versa and ended to find out that it has significant impact in sound quality how to use them.The sensitivity is close to Lambda models with means these are easy to drive.The structure is very comfortable / soft and very lightweight so you can spend many hours with them.Bass is on the level of better Lambdas and highs are smooth and detailed.Best sound level to drive these headphones are lower volume to average, i would not drive these phones on high levels ,these are best with classical/vocals ambient ECM jazz recordings.
  4. Perun is already a quite old design ,my approach to this is to have no expectations at all,i make no prejudice against a new product by comparing it to other bad phones wich were presented in the past .I take Perun as a "fresh newcomer" on the market ,if it's shit then it's shit , but i make no estimates before i have heard it.As soon i get these phones i will report back.Phenomenon is already a good example of a excellent electrostatic design wich competes with the best.I'm not sure if this is true but i remember to read somewhere that the driver of Peruns are manufactured in Japan.
  5. DIY Perun headphone has been around for about 10 years ,a DIY project, and this is the latest incarnation of it.I have followed the development of this phone on the russian forum for years and unfortunately the thread where it was introduced was deleted.This phone has gone through many stages and many prototypes ,even tens of different pads were tested.Every corner of this phone has been investigated to reach best possible performance.In it's latest version wich is the last and final version is comparable to the best stat phones around,many prefer these over Orpheus and SR-009.The driver is about 50% larger than 009 and is very efficient and easy to drive.This DIY project has gone commercial http://perun.prfi.ru/ I have ordered one and will test it soon and compare it to 009 and other Staxes.
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