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  1. gnasherrr

    KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    thanks for answering me. Now for reducing the closed-loop gain for the nfb loop, will that help in reducing the noise/distortion of the output?
  2. gnasherrr

    KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    Hey guys. I'm somewhat new to diy and would like to ask some questions. 1. for the amp board. I was told to do the following modifications pictured below: for the resistors circled in red use 75ks and for the green ones use 50ks now I have close to 0 knowledge as far as circuits design goes, could someone tell me what they would change as a result? 2. I was told for the 450v version, the thermal might be a huge issue, also it might be pushing the limit of some of these parts in terms of voltage, currency or wattage ratings. Is any of this true? I want to ask because from what I read in the threads and it seems like people are having success on the 450v PSU. Could someone clarify for me on that? I appreciate any time and effort in answering these questions in advance. Thanks.