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  1. Interestingly, my experience very much mirror yours - HD800 was the first can I used with my CFA2 and I could not stop listening to that combo. The control, speed, clarity are amazing and addictive. The second can I grabbed to try on the CFA2 was my Audeze LCD2 🙂
  2. As always, a master piece from you John. Care to share a few listening impressions?
  3. that subwoofer is thinking “what the hell did I get myself into?”
  4. That’s one way to find out if cat fur is conductive.
  5. Happy birthday Chris!
  6. PM me. have both bare and assembled boards.
  7. I always use a thermistor for inrush current protection with my PSUs. If you use a thermistor I would try a 1A or even smaller fuse. You may have to experiment a bit based on the thermistor, filter caps of choice.
  8. So they'll sell for enough money for me to retire abroad?
  9. PM me if anyone in US is interested in sticking your neck out and give this a try. Keep in mind what actually ships may not be what’s in the photo and you can lose every penny invested.
  10. I am holding on to my pre-Sonova HD650 and HD800. Someday they'll worth enough to pay for my retirement.
  11. PM me if you are still looking for boards. Also, you need a base board to assemble a PSU unless you have or plan to fabricate your own.
  12. Hmm, that seems awfully high for the 2SK216. I was expecting 200V or slightly higher. Nice microscopic photos.
  13. From an appearance stand point, the genuine 2SK216 I have all have the wider part of the pins being much longer than typical TO-220 parts. The one Jose shows does look the part (and consistent with the one James shows).
  14. Happy Birthday Kevin 🎂
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