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  1. Part Sourcing Assistance/Advice Thread

    @ Pars: I suspect the ones I got are poorly made copies of the ones you got from THL which is actually located in Taiwan. I guess the trick is which vendors can one trust to get the quality ones. @ Jose: I like Neutrik product very well and use them when I can. I this case it's just much less work to drill one hole per connector than 3.
  2. Part Sourcing Assistance/Advice Thread

    A word of caution about the CMC 805-2.5F chassis-mount RCA sockets I recently bought and received from AliExpress (also widely available on eBay and other places). They don't work. I don't know if all these similarly-labelled RCA sockets are all made by the same manufacturer. The ones I received look well-made but are out of spec. The ones with red insert are way too loose and won't hold a tight connection and the ones with white insert are way too tight and need hercules force to insert (and good luck trying to unplug it afterwards). I bought 5 pairs and all of them have the same issue. It's a pity, they do appear well made with good quality materials otherwise. Hope others can chime in with their experience.
  3. Soekris discrete R2R DAC?

    2nd DAM1021 build close to being complete, waiting for a 1-foot USB cable. This one is with the DAM1021-12 board, the one the uses .01% and .02% resistors which can be visually identified by the blue resistors in the R-2R ladder. The TPA Cronus/Hermes re-clocking and isolator is probably an overkill here given the DAM1021 already provides both functions on the board. The power supply for the DAM1021 is based on TPS7A3301 set for 9.3VDC rails. Based on my experience I would not skimp on the PS for the DAM1021. The extra power supply is needed for the Cronus/Hermes.
  4. Soekris discrete R2R DAC?

    Finished building the first one of the DAM1021. This is the .05% resistor version. Runs on +/- 9VDC rails. Amanero USB/i2s receiver. It's hard to beat for the money.
  5. KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    Good point. I was referring to street vendors in Taiwan. Not surprised by what you said based on things I read and heard.
  6. KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    Street vendors usually offer the best taesting choudofu. Easy choice !
  7. What Are You Building Today

    Thanks Craig and John! This is really very helpful and critical information to have. I've followed John's KGSSHV wiring scheme on all my builds to great effect (thanks John). I am now finishing a Soekris DAM1021 DAC build and have a question: In the headphone amps with the XLR input connectors, I have the pin 1 of the XLR connectors tie to chassis, only pin 2 and 3 are wired to the non-inverted and inverted inputs of the amp board. For the DAC's balanced output, should I follow the same practice - that is, tie pin 1 of the male XLR connectors to the chassis and only wire the inverted and non-inverted output from the DAM1021 board to the pin 2 and 3 of the XLR connectors? EDIT: Also, what about RCA connectors?
  8. Blue Hawaii BJT Build thread

    Is it 30V or 30mV?
  9. goldenreference low voltage power supply

    I have some of Pars’ rectifier boards made (with Pars’ permission) and can spare a few. PM me if you are interested. EDIT: just read that this board will be added to the GB in the 2018 GB thread. That’s a better option - in many cases, the shipping from me will likely equal or exceed the cost of the boards.
  10. KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    The value needs adjusting not the wattage. Don't remember for sure but try 3R 5W or so. In a pinch you can parallel 2 5.1R to get 2.55R but it's a good idea to replace it with a value that's more appropriate for your application. Going by memory I think the B- on the BH draws around 140mA.
  11. KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    Not sure this is a factor but, the Blue Hawaii draws significantly higher current than the Carbon does, especially on the B- rail. If you are using the 5.1R current limiting resistors on the GRHV you will for sure have issue with the B- and possibly the B+ rail too.
  12. Blue Hawaii BJT Build thread

    So the tubes you are using now are drawing 2.6A filament current per pair based on the measurements you provided. Since the filament supply is not regulated, subject to mains fluctuation and different tubes will likely varies a bit in their filament current draw. I suggest you make some calculation and set up the resistors to drop the filament supply under load to fall in a range you feel comfortable with. I have some high cost NOS EL34 tubes so I personally feel most comfortable having the filament be between 6 - 6.3v. And, by the way, I believe the filament current draw varies a bit from cold start to fully warmed up too.
  13. Blue Hawaii BJT Build thread

    Congratulations! I think the 5.5v is too low for the filament supply for the EL34. This is an often debated topic whether lower filament voltage is beneficial or not but I think most believe it should be within 10% of the 6.3v.
  14. and now for something completely different part 3

    Interesting. I just received an order from Mouser and they shipped me the 2-gang potentiometer instead of the 1-gang I ordered. Now I’ve had a few orders more than $300 worth and never got any free upgrade in shipping. Have to be honest I have never checked my orders to verify everything was shipped correctly.
  15. unbalanced/balanced to balanced tube input

    Has anyone built this tube unbal/bal board yet?