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  1. Hi Chris: For my universal PSU (GRLV + GRHV), I use a Galaxy 3U chassis which comfortably accommodates the 680uf/550V capacitors. The chassis has no true finned heatsink, it has what the vendor calls the "quasi heatsink". I use this PSU to power my Carbon, Blue Hawaii, Grounded Grid and the CFA. I bolted the transistors of the GRHV to a L angle which is then bolted to the "quasi heatsink". Even powering the Blue Hawaii, which draws much more current than the Carbon does, the "quasi heatsink" only glows warm to the touch. I believe even if you just bolt the GRHV transistors to t
  2. None of the attachment seems to be working for me. Do others experience the same issue?
  3. This is probably stating the obvious, I would also position the input connectors to the opposite side of where the mains AC connector is and route the input signal wires along the chassis wall, far away from the transformers.
  4. Don’t forget Kevin’s electrostatic CFA amp.
  5. Looks good to me counselor. No need to appear!
  6. Photos, we need photos, lots of photos!
  7. What a disastrous qualification Ferrari had at Monza earlier today! Enzo is turning over in his grave.
  8. Apologize if you already ruled this out - could it be the cable instead of the driver that actually died?
  9. Did you check if the values are in stock with other brands like KOA, Xicon, etc.?
  10. You have not idea how relieved I am to hear this. Thank you Santa!
  11. May be better to post a picture to be sure but if the 8N80C you have are encapsulated then there is no need to use an insulator/plastic washer when mounting to the heatsink.
  12. Thanks everyone for your patience. I did not realize so many of you have yet to receive the package. I sent the packages out in a few batches and usually 6 - 7 at a time. I am at a loss making sense why some of the packages arrived so much later than others.
  13. The sad thing is that it appears that the Mouser delivery to me in USA takes longer than the delivery to a different continent.
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